Yong’s Alterations proudly offers leather and outerwear alterations in Indianapolis, IN. For those motorcycle enthusiasts, fashionistas, or just people who admire fine leather, our professional alteration specialists can be the tailors there for you when leather garments need attention. Leather is a highly durable and strong fabric used for a variety of purposes; especially in the clothing industry. Although tough and sturdy, leather can be jeopardized or vulnerable to damage. It’s important to have a professional inspect and service leather garments because they are delicate to repair and modify. For example, leather seams can only be sewn over just one time. If its sewn over more than once, the item is virtually ruined and non-repairable.

We have decades of experience offering leather garment alterations and repairs for all types of clothing and stuffs; such as jackets, coats, aprons, pants, bracers, stirrups, and much more. We also provide suede alteration services, skin replacements, tapering, touch-ups, sleeve repair, sizing alteration, and more. Don’t trust a novice of your special leather; instead, place your trust within our services and credentials. Our professional alteration specialists can fix your leather garment to make it look like it was never modified at all. If you have a leather garment in need of modification or repair, or require leather outerwear alterations in Indianapolis, call Yong’s Alterations in Castleton at 317-845-9077 today.

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