Everybody desires a beautiful home; and the best way to make that dream become a reality is to personally customize its features professionally. Drapery fabric alterations for home decor is a popular service for homeowners who desire proper fitting fabrics and draperies for their various household amenities. Sometimes you find that perfect duvet cover, or those perfect window drapes; however, they just don’t fit the dimensions in your home. When this happens, call Yong’s Alterations in Indianapolis Indiana, for professional drapery alterations, fabric alterations, and more.

Yong Lishchynsky, has more than 30 years of experience customizing and altering home decor items for residential and commercial properties. She provides the finest stitching, the most accurate repairs, and the most impeccable fabric alterations. When it comes to home decor and fabrics, herself and her team of professional alteration specialists can provide countless alterations for homes or commercial properties; including:
  • Drapery Alterations
  • Fabric Alterations
  • Coverlet Alterations
  • Duvet Cover Alterations
  • Pillowcase Alterations
  • Bedclothes Alterations
  • Slipcover Alterations
  • Rug Alterations
  • Bed Sheets
  • Window Treatment Alterations
  • Couch Cover Alterations
  • Fine Fabric Tailoring
  • Woven Knits
  • And Much More

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