What You Need in Your Sewing Kit to Be a True Pro

When sewing is your hobby, you need a professional kit to keep you prepared for all crafting possibilities! Continue reading to learn what true industry professionals recommend adding to your sewing kit to enhance your sewing skills!

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A Basic Sewing Kit

You have the option of buying prepackaged sewing kits on the market, which come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and scopes. However, buying a pre-made sewing kit is a good option since most contain the very basic items and tools you’ll need for standard projects, such as fabric shears, regular scissors, straight pins, pin cushion, tape measure, tracing wheel, thread snips, rotary cutter, cutting pad, quilting ruler, and a sewing book. From there, you can add your own additional sewing accoutrements to customize your kit.

Customized Kits

Another great strategy is to assemble your own from scratch. Start by designating a container to use as your sewing kit. A basket, shoebox, tackle box, or other container that will safely and effectively hold all your sewing gear. Once you have a place to keep and transport your sewing kit, simply fill it up with all the basic items mentioned before, and some advanced additions if you want to sew like a pro!

Advanced Sewing Tools for a Pro’s Kit:

🧵 Adjustable Sewing Gauge
🧵 Slap-On Wrist Pin Cushion
🧵 8.5 Inch Fabric Scissors
🧵 Scratch-Resist Folding Cutting Mat
🧵 Thread Racks
🧵 Marking Pencils
🧵 Hardware Bins & Organizers
🧵 Lightweight Fusible Interfacing
🧵 Sewing Magazines
🧵 Printed Project Ideas
🧵 Buttons, Zippers and Drawstring

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Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
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