What To Do With Leftover Sewing Patterns

If you have been crafting your own garments and apparels for a long time, you definitely have a large heap of leftover sewing patterns stashed somewhere. If they have been hidden away for more than a few months, it is likely that you’ll never use them again since there’s always so many new patterns to choose from! But instead of tossing them into the trash or using them as wash rags, learn how to make better use of your old sewing patterns. Continue reading to learn what you can do with them.

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Sell Them

Your sewing patterns certainly weren’t free, so it is only natural to want a return on investment. There are several ways you can sell your old sewing patters; and yes, people will want them! Fashion is highly diversified these days, and what used to be considered vintage, is now the latest trends, and vice versa.

If you have old patterns, chances are, they could be highly desired patterns and styles that someone is looking for. Someone might be interested in a pattern that is no longer sold on the market. Perhaps they need to repair an old costume or blanket with that outdated pattern and need a patch. You could have the past season pattern they need for their sewing project.

The best way to get your patterns out on the market is to post an ad online, with pictures. This way, thousands of people will have access to shop your patterns. You can also set up a stand at a local crafts festival, flea market, farmers market, or plaza. If you are having a garage sale, add them to the inventory and see what sells!

Donate Them

If you are feeling philanthropic, you can donate your leftover patterns. There are plenty of people, places, and organizations that would benefit from your donation, including fashion institutions, 4H clubs, sewing guilds, arts and craft groups, schools, daycares, tailors, and even your friends and neighbors. You can also take them to a local Salvation Army or Goodwill store. Donations made to these stores might even be tax deductible.

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