Using Sticky Notes as an Alternative to Seam Guides

Did you know you can just use sticky notes as seam guides when sewing? It’s true! Some sewing machines aren’t manufactured with screw-on or attachable seam guides, so those who own similar models have to use their own. But if you can’t find your seam guide, there is a simple and “sticky” solution. You can just visit any store with an office supply section, and grab some generic sticky notes instead! Continue reading to learn how sticky notes can be used as a substitute for seam guides.

Sticky Note Seam Guides

When it comes to buying sticky notes for seam guiding, it doesn’t matter the color, so long as the shape is the traditional small square. These are more manageable and easier to use in sewing applications. Once you have the note pad, you can begin the process of making your alternative seam guide. First you will need to grab a tape measurer to set the preferred seam allowance. You can do this by following these instructions:

Insert the sewing machine needle into the tape measurer at the chosen seam allowance measurement. Then position the note pad at the end of the tape measurer.

When you need to sew curved seams using sticky notes as seam guides, simply position the corner of the pad at the end of the tape measurer. This will give you a point to follow as you sew. If you need to create a seam allowance on the left side of a sewing machine needle, this sticky note/seam guide method is also very useful. The same goes for teaching children to sew!

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