Top Wedding Dress Tips for Pregnant Brides

Choosing a gown to walk down the aisle in is a critical part of the wedding planning process for every bride. In doing so, there are many considerations and details to finding the perfect dress. When it comes to an expecting bride-to-be, the scope of such considerations are much different, which tends to give brides anxiety about their special day. But not to worry!

If you are in search of a wedding dress while pregnant, find relief in the fact that you do not have to sacrifice an ounce of beauty, nor make any unpleasant compromises, just because you have a lovely, growing baby bump. So long as you are equipped with the right knowledge and well-deserved confidence, you will find the perfect wedding gown that both compliments your gorgeous bump and feels comfortable all day.

Continue reading to learn some of the top wedding dress tips for expecting brides.

Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077

When it comes to choosing a wedding gown for an expecting bride, there are no rules. The most important factors are comfort and appeal. Look for a wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful, but also, comfortable at the same time. Here are some ways to achieve this:

✨ Choose Lighter Fabrics

You want to stick with pregnancy-friendly fabrics that are easier to alter, lighter to wear, and compliment the new curves you might be showing as an expecting mother. Some fabric considerations include chiffon, tulle, crepe, and even a stretchy jersey material. These fabrics are lightweight, but very flowy, so you can wear it for hours without feeling tired or weighed down. Best of all, these materials are easy to alter and embellish, which is great for growing baby bumps.

✨ Don’t Rule Out Maternity Dresses

Most expecting brides, especially younger generations, assume that the maternity section at the local bridal shop is a rack of fashion horrors. But the reality is, modern fashion has taken quite the positive turn in terms of formal maternity wear, including wedding dresses. You can find a wide selection of stylish maternity gowns these days, so long as you choose modern styles in the right size.

✨ Give Yourself Some Room

One of the biggest mistakes pregnant brides make is choosing a gown that is too small. Although it fits today, you must consider how your bump will grow by the time your wedding day arrives. So to avoid an alteration emergency, or nightmare, be sure to give your baby bump some room to grow if your special day is farther down the timeline. Your alteration tailor can help you determine the best size to go with.

✨ Make a Good Shoe Choice

Another mistakes expecting brides commonly make is choosing the wrong type of shoe. A few things can go wrong if you select a shoe without considering your pregnancy down the line. First, your feet and ankles can grow along with your bump, requiring you to wear a larger shoe size on your wedding day. Second, your body is growing a human, which takes a toll on your strength and endurance, leading to incredibly sore or injured feet by the middle of the day. And last, it might be impossible to wear high heels, safely when pregnant. Be sure to choose comfortable flats, sandals, flip flips, or even bedazzled sneakers for your big day.

✨ Time Your Alterations Properly

The most important factor to a perfect wedding dress when pregnant is to time your last fitting perfectly. Typically, brides will have their last fitting long before their actual wedding day arrives. But for pregnant brides, the opposite needs to happen since so much changing takes place during each trimester. Try to schedule your last wedding dress fitting within a week of your special day for best results.

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Indianapolis Wedding Dress Alterations

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Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
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