Top Wedding Alteration Advice You Need to Know This Year

Now that you have some room to move forward with your wedding this year, be sure you know how and when to plan, organize, and execute the proper protocols for formal wear and wedding alterations. After all, you want everyone to look their best on your special day, most importantly, you!

Continue reading to learn some of the most valuable tips a bride and groom needs to know about getting started with their wedding alterations for Spring, Summer, and Fall.

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Wedding and Bridal Gown Alterations

The first thing to consider when it comes to wedding and bridal alterations is where to go. We are not talking about location; we are referring to the actual alteration specialist or shop. Wedding dresses are precious and bridal wear is expensive, so it is important to take them to a highly trained, experienced, and accomplished tailor for professional-grade alterations. Look for years of experience, high regards or memberships from respected organizations, community recognition, and past work. Be sure to read reviews and don’t hesitate to ask other patrons and client about their services.

Once you find a reputable and proficient tailor, it is important to get familiar with terms and processes for bridal gown and wedding dress alterations before your first consultation. This way, you are not overwhelmed with industry jargon and lingo you don’t understand. There are countless alterations that exists for apparel and home goods alike; however, when it comes to bridal wear and wedding gowns, there are three principal types.  These include hemming, sleeve alterations, and bodice alterations. Scheduling ahead is vital for wedding alteration consultations. Be sure to always bring all accessories and garments to your fittings. This includes veils, jewelry, shoes, gloves, and more.

Understand That Cost Depends on Several Factors

When it comes to the cost of wedding alterations, final invoices can vary greatly. Rates are defined by the complexity of the work done, the time it takes to complete, the style of dress, and the quantity of garments. It is important to understand that wedding alterations are not going to be cheap. Wedding dresses are not cheap, so the alterations for them shouldn’t be either. You get what you pay for in the alterations business. Poor quality work is cheaper than master tailor services. Just because wedding alterations are not cheap doesn’t mean they are not affordable. Discuss your budget with the alterationist before moving forward with any work.

Consult With Your Tailor Way Ahead of Time

Be sure to always give your alterationist at least 8 weeks to complete your wedding dress alterations. This is ample time to complete all necessary work, while having some extra time in case of an emergency or last minute repair. Alterations are time consuming, meticulous work. The more time a tailor has to complete the job, the better the results will be.

Are you ready to get your wedding dress and bridalwear alterations in the books? Contact Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 to learn how we can make your wedding dress, bridal gowns, tuxes, and formalwear look absolutely fabulous for your special day! We are located in Castleton, Indianapolis.

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