Top 6 Attributes of a Well Tailored Suit

Now is the perfect time to address any ill-fitting suit or tuxedo issues since prime wedding season is still a few months away. However, in order to get a perfectly fitted suit, it is important to know what you should be looking for in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Continue reading to learn the top 5 attributes of a well-tailored suit, and be better informed of how to choose the right fit for your body-type.

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A Suit Tailored Just For You

If you want to look and feel like James Bond in your suit, you must get it to fit perfectly. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to have it custom-tailored to your body type. A professional tailor knows exactly how to measure you from top to bottom in a way that best flatters your shape, as well as the style of the particular suit. Although it is expected for your tailor to have this knowledge, you might be a little lost on what actually makes a suit a good fit, especially if it is your first time having one custom fitted, or wearing a suit for the first time altogether!

So, to better prepare yourself for your appointment, or to simply assess your suit tailoring needs, it helps to review the top attributes of a well-tailored suit. They are as follows:

🗹 Trousers

Extra length on your suit’s trousers will instantly give you a sloppy and disheveled look, and even make you appear shorter in stature. Your trousers should be hemmed so they sit just above the rim of your shoe. If your suit style calls for a bit of an exposed ankle, your tailor will know to make the proper adjustments. In addition to proper hems, suit trousers should also be properly tapered.

🗹 Shoulders

Your suit’s jacket should be perfectly fitted in a way that is not too tight nor too loose around the shoulder areas. Your jacket should gently hug your shoulders, without causing any fabric to buckle, roll, or crease. If the seams of the shoulders are sagging below the natural curve of your back, your jacket is too big. If the jacket is tight, it is very likely that the shoulder areas are to blame.

🗹 Sleeves

Just like trousers, jacket sleeves should be properly hemmed and tapered to complement your body shape and size, as well as the style of the suit. You do not want them to be too short, and expose too much dress shirt, nor do you want them to be so long that you look like you’re wearing your dad’s suit. The general rule of thumb is for jacket sleeves to stop ¼ to ½ of an inch before the shirt sleeve.

🗹 Collar Gap

A properly fitted suit will have a jacket collar that sits perfectly against the collar of your dress shirt. If your jacket collar is not properly fitted, there will be a noticeable gap between the two collars, leaving you to look less dapper than you intended. Although a small gap is not necessarily a fashion faux pas, a larger one will get you some negative attention.

🗹 Jacket Waist

If you are not girthy in the mid-section, it is very likely that your jacket suit will need to be taken in. Otherwise, you will appear box-like in your suit. For those with a fuller middle, it is not always necessary to have the jacket wait altered, however, a tailor can sometimes make certain adjustments that are more flattering on you than the factory design.

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