Top 4 Reasons for Sewing Basting Stitches

As a sewer, you may be asking yourself, “Why baste?” If so, you are asking the right question. Basting is important in many types of sewing projects, and quite helpful for various applications. Continue reading to learn the top four reasons why you should sew basting stitches, and what to do if you need help with your needlework.

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Indianapolis Alterations and Sewing Repairs 317-845-9077

Basting is the method of sewing long, easily-removable stitches into two pieces of fabric, and can be done by machine or by hand. It is intended to temporarily connect two pieces of fabric together for the purpose of fulfilling an overall sewing need. The umbrella reason for basting is to save time. Basting does this in many ways, but mostly, by providing ease and convenience. It is worth your time to baste if you find yourself in certain sewing situations.

Here’s 4 reasons why professionals recommend sewing basting stitches:

Test the Fitting

Basting on seams lets you test the fitting (i.e. side seams) or placement (i.e. darts) before making any semi-permanent stitching decisions. It avoids the scenario of having to remove stitches that you later decide are not in the right place, which can jeopardize the structural integrity of the fabric fibers.

Secure Slippery Fabrics

If you are stitching with silk, satin, or something equally slick, basting is highly beneficial. Basting will let you attach to pieces of slippery fabric together while you work at sewing in permanent stitches. Basting will also make it much easier to take out stitches if the fabric pieces do happen to move while you work.

Create Temporary Stitching

Sewing in basting stitches lets you create provisional stitching while you work at sewing in regular seams or accessories. This works well when adding in things like zippers or appliques. It is a great method for making real-time alterations too, such as dress fittings and costume designs.

Make Two Layers of Fabric into One

When working with multiple pieces of fabric that must be held together as one, basting is the perfect course of action to take. It lets you secure two pieces of fabric together as if they were just one solid piece, thus allowing you to make even and balanced fittings, such as adding layers of chiffon to a skirt or folds in curtain valances. They are easily removable too, which lets you eliminate unnecessary bulk.

Need Help With Your Needlework?

If you have found yourself stuck on a project, whether you have hit a roadblock or reached dead end, you have some options to get you back on track. Contact a local and trusted Indianapolis alterations specialist for professional sewing repairs and corrections. They can give you the right advice, and make the proper modifications to correct your project or piece.

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