Tips for Sewing Quilted Cotton Clothing

Quilted cotton clothing is a familiar staple in almost everyone’s closet. This medium weight cotton material works well with all body types, shapes, heights, and drapes, making it a perfect addition to your wardrobe. But when your quilted cotton clothes need some altering, you might want to review some important tips for sewing clothing made of quilted cotton. Continue reading to do just that!

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Quilted Cotton Clothes are Stiffer Than Other Cotton Fabrics

Quilted cotton is often used to make purses, bags, and you guessed it, quilts, but many clothing garments are also made from such materials. Because quilted cotton is a stiffer type of fabric compared to other types of cotton materials, many people are hesitant about sewing it up or making repairs. But if your cotton skirt or button-down jacket snags or tears, don’t be intimidated by the repair project. So long as you have sewing experience and know how to use your sewing machine, you should be just fine. If not, there are always professional alteration shops you can rely on to help you correct any sewing mistakes or alteration errors you’ve made.

Here are some fundamental tips to follow when sewing quilted cotton clothes:

?? Know Your Limit – As mentioned, if you are nothing more than a novice seamstress, it is not wise to attempt your own clothing repairs or projects. Even if you are a sewing hobbyist, be sure you know your talent’s limit. If you believe that the repair is too complex, it is best to leave it to a professional. If you are attempting a full clothing creation, be sure to take on a pattern that is simple and straightforward, like one without sleeves. Sleeves are hard to manage as a beginner in sewing.

?? Have the Right Tools – The right tools mean everything when it comes to any repair. As for quilted cotton, the same theory applies. Before repairing or altering a quilted cotton piece, be sure you are fully equipped with the proper materials and tools to get the job done to specification. For quilted cotton specifically, have on hand marking tools, cutting tools, thread, lining, and your sewing machine set up and accessories.

?? Practice Makes Perfect – Because quilted cotton is stiffer, it is sometimes more challenging to work with, especially of you do not have experience working with it before. Even if you are a pro at sewing, like a player up to bat, you might need a few practice swings before making your final stitches or alterations. So, use some scrap pieces of quilted cotton fabric to practice the type of stitch required to repair or modify your garment.

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