The 7 Primary Pieces of a Wedding Dress

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Before you and your bridal crew set a date to go wedding dress shopping, it is a huge help to learn the basic parts of a wedding dress to ensure you are fully-prepared to procure exactly what you want in a gown. Wedding dress designs are only limited by the designer’s imagination and creativity, but in general terms, there are 7 standard parts to the average wedding gown. Continue reading to learn the 7 most common pieces to a wedding dress and get excited about your upcoming special day!

Wedding Dress Pieces:


Wedding dress sleeves come in all different shapes, styles, and forms. Gowns can have no sleeves, full-length sleeves, short sleeves, puffed sleeves, draped sleeves, embellished sleeves, and more. Sleeves can also be altered and tailored to fit a bride, perfectly.


Right below the neck and above the chest is the neckline of a wedding gown. These can be very high or low, and anywhere in between. Common neckline styles include strapless, spaghetti straps, sweetheart neckline, halter neck, V-neck, off-the-shoulder, and scoop neck. Usually necklines can be altered to improve the fit and overall comfort of the bride.


The bodice is essentially the corset area of the dress, from the chest to the waistline. It’s the “shirt” or “top” part that comes before the waistline and after the neckline. They are usually form-fitting and hug the rib cage.


The waistline is the area of the wedding dress that separates the bodice from the skirt. There is usually a visible horizontal seam, either inside or outside the dress. Waistlines can be easily altered for a better fit.


The skirt is the piece that is the most fun. It can come in all different silhouette, styles, and materials. Popular styles include full length, half-length, full and half length, big and puffy, or mermaid slim. The options are endless!


The train piece is essentially an extension on the skirt that converges in the back of the dress and follows behind on the ground as you walk. These are optional and come in a variety of styles. The length of a wedding dress train is entirely customizable too. “Cathedral” and “chapel” trains are the longest.


The hemline is the bottom seam of the skirt on a wedding gown. It simply where the length of the dress stops. Depending on the length or presence of a train, the hemline can be various circumferences. Long or floor length wedding dresses stop at a bride’s feet, while “tea” length hems stop at the knee or calf area.

Wedding Dress Accessories May Include:

💍 Veils
💍 Tiaras
💍 Embellishments
💍 Sashes
💍 Cummerbunds
💍 Belts
💍 Shoes
💍 Slips
💍 Shapewear

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