The 3 Additional Cost Considerations for Wedding Dresses

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Choosing the dress is challenging enough; right? While this is usually true, there is another challenge to consider, and that would be your budget. You see, many brides tend to set aside or save money for the dress of their dreams; but the cost of a wedding dress does not stop at the checkout counter. There are more costs you will need to consider if you are a bride-to-be on a tight budget. Continue reading to learn the top 3 most important additional costs for a wedding dress.

#❶ ⇢ Shapewear

Shapewear is usually a fundamental part of wearing a wedding dress. After all, they give a bride the best look and feel. But shapewear is not part of the wedding dress package, so be sure to add it into your budget because you will need to buy it separately. Shapewear varies in type, brand, quality, and price. Since it is one of the most eventful, memorable, and important days in your life, you want to spring for the nicer shapewear. Higher price is an indication of a better brand or fabric quality. Aside from shapewear, it is recommended to purchase proper undergarments for your dress too. Be on the lookout for our upcoming blog about shapewear alterations!

#❷ ⇢ Accessories

Accessories is an important part of your wedding dress budget. It is unlikely that a bride will not want to wear jewelry and other accessories with their wedding dress. Common accessories that are not included with the price of the wedding dress itself include veils, belts, sashes, jewelry, added embellishments, tulle netting, slips, corsets, and of course, shoes. All of these items are likely available at your wedding dress shop for an additional cost.

#❸ ⇢ Alterations

A dress off the shelf will not be a perfect fit. Virtually all wedding dresses require professional alterations to achieve a custom fit for a bride. Alterations are not only important for proper fit, they are important for comfort and even safety as well. Areas like hems, sleeves, necklines, bodices, and more may require some tailoring in order to fit the bride the way she prefers. Just be sure to choose an experienced tailor that has adequate experience with wedding dress alterations!

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