Additional Wedding Dress Expenses You Might Not Be Aware Of

You may have spent countless hours thinking about all the ins and outs of your dream wedding dress, but before you go on the hunt for one, it is important to understand what to expect in terms of a budget. For many soon-to-be-brides, once the shopping experience begins, they start to run into some unexpected costs that devalue or throw off their wedding attire budget.

As a bride-to-be yourself, continue reading to learn some of the most common expenses to anticipate when you buy your wedding dress, plus who you can trust for superior and affordable alterations for wedding dresses and brought aware in Indianapolis.

Wedding Dress Alterations Indianapolis IN 317-845-9077
Wedding Dress Alterations Indianapolis IN 317-845-9077

The Hidden Costs of Buying a Wedding Dress

Most brides only set a budget for their dress, but what many brides and in-laws are not aware that there are several other hidden expenses associated with buying a wedding dress. In fact, there are hidden costs associated when it comes to wedding attire. When buying a wedding dress, the most common expenses a bride should anticipate in addition to the dress itself include wedding dress alterations, wedding dress accessories, shape wear, and jewelry.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Virtually all brides will require alteration services for their wedding dresses. You want your wedding dress to fit you like a glove; like it was meant for your body and your body alone. Your wedding dress should be one-of-a-kind and made specifically for you. After all, a wedding dress is a big investment, so it makes sense to have it fitted in a customized fashion.

When setting a budget for a wedding dress, many brides overlook the cost of wedding dress alterations. You can expect wedding dress alterations to cost anywhere from $300 to upwards of $1,000 more, depending on your dress and several other factors. On average, wedding dress alterations tend to be between $500 to $700. Most brides require around 2 to 3 fittings for best results.

Wedding Dress Accessories

There are many accessories that brides coordinate with their wedding dresses. Such accessories include veils, sashes, corsets, belts, capes, handbags, lingerie, and of course, shoes. Not only is it important to include these accessories into your wedding dress budget, but you should also bring all of these accessories to every single wedding dress fitting and alterations appointment.

Shapewear and Jewelry

Many brides choose to incorporate some version of shape wear beneath their wedding dresses, Shapewear delivers a smoother, more sophisticated fit. Shapewear can also make wedding dresses more comfortable, especially if they are embellished with itchy or bumpy fabrics and embroideries.

Jewelry is another unanticipated expense that many brides fail to include in their wedding dress budget. If the jewelry you wear on your wedding day is being handed down to you, you wouldn’t need to worry about adding this expense to your budget. But if you are not wearing anything handed down, you need to prepare to purchase new jewelry to coordinate with your wedding dress on your special day.

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