What to Do if You are Not Happy With Your Wedding Dress Alterations

Whether as a result of poor craftsmanship, or simply a matter of changing minds, sometimes brides are no longer pleased with the outcome of their wedding dress after their alterations have been completed. This can be quite alarming to anyone who has spent a lot of money and time on wedding gown alterations; but rest assure, if this ever happens to you, there are plenty of cost-efficient and effective recourses.

Continue reading to learn what you should do if you are not happy with your wedding down alterations.

Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077

Preventative Measures

If you have not yet had your wedding down altered, you can take certain preventative measures to ensure you will be pleased with the outcome of your dress. For starters, adhere to the basic wedding dress alteration guidelines. This means making sure you schedule your alterations at least 8 weeks in advance, and set more than one appointment for adjustments and final fittings. In fact, aim to schedule a fitting and alterations appointment the SAME DAY you purchase your gown.

? Additional important rules of wedding dress alterations include:

✨ Add in the overall cost of wedding dress alterations when you shop around for a dress.

✨ Choose a skilled and reputable seamstress that you can trust.

✨ Bring your shoes, as well as all accessories, including veil, tiara, gloves, hosiery, shapewear, jewelry, and anything else you plan to wear with your wedding dress.

✨ After your initial alteration, while you are fully dressed the way you intend to be on your wedding day, practice walking and sitting to see how your dress moves and feels.

Emergency Alterations

If you have already had your dress altered, and you are not happy with it, you can simply let your seamstress know, and they will accommodate you with additional alterations. It is important to understand that most women will have more than one alteration and fitting. The average amount is 2 to 3 alterations to get the perfect fit and look.

So if you are not pleased with the outcome of your initial alteration, there is no need to be concerned since the dress can still be adjusted more to meet your needs. If you are still not happy after several alterations, you might be better off buying a new dress or looking for a new alterations shop.  

Indianapolis Wedding Dress Alterations

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Types of Pin Cushions and Holders

If you have ever taken a home-economics class, or simply dabbled in a sewing kit, you are familiar with the tool known as the pin cushion. Most people think of the traditional tomato-strawberry combo that generally come standard in basic sewing kits, but there are other options available that use a more technological approach to pin collecting and preserving. Continue reading to learn more about some popular types of sewing pin cushions, including their composition and their purpose.

Magnetic Sewing Pin Cushions

For those who prefer a more innovation method for saving and preserving sewing pins, magnetic cushions might be a good fit. There are both pros and cons to using a magnetic pin cushion, so preference simply depends on personal sewing style. For example, magnetic pin cushions work very accurately to collect and hold onto metal sewing pins. This makes it easy to clean up spills, as well as, manage isolated needles on desktop surfaces and tables. But overtime, the needles will begin to pick up magnetic abilities as well, and start sticking to other objects inside a sewing kit, other than the cushion itself. They can also damage other electronic devices and equipment if left in close proximity to them.

Tomato Pin Cushions

The traditional red and green tomato pin cushions have been around for decades. These are the most common pin cushions used today, by both novice sewers and professional tailors. Inside these tomato pin cushions is where the advantage takes place. Good quality tomato cushions are filled with sawdust and wool roving; all others are cheaper knock-off brands. The wool roving has something in it called lanolin. This prevents metal needles from forming rust and corroding.

But a tomato pin cushion is not complete without its usual companion, the strawberry. Although mostly sold together as one product, some pin cushions do not come with a strawberry, but they can be purchased separately. The strawberry is special because it contains abrasives, like sand, emery, and grit, which sharpens, cleans, and preserves the integrity of sewing pins and needles.

Yong’s Alterations

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Yong’s Alterations Indianapolis Indiana 317-845-9077

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How Much Does Wedding Dress Alteration Cost?

All brides start to consider the cost of wedding dress alterations as soon as they start looking for that perfect dress. And nothing makes a dress more perfect and unique to a bride than having it altered and fitted. Brides have so many questions about the cost of alterations for their gown and bridal wear because most people plan a wedding on a budget. Budget is important in weddings, but it is always a good idea to pre-plan by moving more money into the wedding dress portion of the budget, putting aside extra cash for alterations. Continue reading to learn more about the cost of wedding dress alteration, and how long it takes to have such a garment altered.

Cost of Wedding Dress Alterations

There are so many variables that go into determining an accurate estimate for wedding dress alteration. Unfortunately brides, there isn’t a menu of prices, or a set rate at a seamstress shop. Although the cost of wedding dress alteration is typically the same across the board, the price per piece varies greatly depending on certain factors. There are endless dress designs, styles, fabrics, décor, and more, all of which require different methods and levels of care for alteration. This relates to the amount of time it takes to alter a wedding dress. Time frames always depend on the style of dress and the complexity of the alteration requested.

Until a seamstress can see the actual garment in person, it is nearly impossible to get a quote for wedding dress alteration. Never expect an over-the-phone quote for dress modifications! And if you get one, you might not want to trust the shop and their business ethics. They could just be trying to get you through their doors.

Most alteration companies can make custom wedding dresses that generally start out around a base cost of $1500 and go up from there depending on the complexity of the alteration. Then there are two other types of wedding dress alterations, basic and transformation. Basic alterations for wedding dresses can average anywhere from $400 to $600, and up. These kinds of alterations include hems, sides, bustles, sleeves, side, and similar modifications. Transformation alterations cost anywhere from $500 and go way up. They include major reconstruction and deconstruction of a dress, as well as, multiple fittings, major adjustments, re-beading, bead work, and more.

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Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for wedding dress alterations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are highly trained and experienced tailors that offer a wide range of alteration services for dresses, costumes, gowns, tuxedos, suits, pants, shirts, curtains, specialty fabrics, home decor, and much more! Call 317-845-9077 and speak with a wedding dress seamstress in Indianapolis, IN today.