Recommended Sewing Tools to Help You Sew

With the right tools, you can make sewing much easier for yourself. And with a large variety of sewing tools, you can open yourself up to a whole wide world of sewing possibilities! Take a look below for some recommended sewing tools that will help you become a better sewist. Learn what tools and supplies you can add to your sewing basket to make sewing a whole “bunch” easier!

Sewing Tools and Supplies

Measuring Tools:

• Sewing Gauge W/Point Turner
• Spacing Gauge
• Ruler
• Wedge Ruler
• Curve Ruler
• Strip Ruler
• Ribbon Ruler
• Grid Ruler
• Seam Ruler
• Tape Measure

Cutting Tools:

• Soft Grip Scissors
• Rotary Cutter
• Seam Ripper
• Fabric Cutter
• Fabric Cutting Board
• Textile Shears

Pressing Tools:

• Wood Pressing Bar
• Board Clips
• Iron
• Ironing Press
• Spray Starch
• Static Guard
• Finger Presser

Accessory Tools:

• Snap Pliers
• Stud Setter
• Button Fastener
• Liquid Applique
• Applique Clip
• Fabric Marking Pen
• Fabric Adhesive
• Bobbin Winder
• Basting Pins
• Craft Gloves
• Pencils and Sharpener
• Tailor Chalk

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How to Label a Sewing Machine for Beginners

The most intimidating part about being a beginner seamstress is understanding the sewing machine. There are several different styles and brands of sewing machines, but no matter which one you decide to buy, as a beginner, it is imperative to know what each part is and what it does. Learn how to label your new sewing machine if you are just starting out in the sewing world. It will greatly improve your memory when it comes to the parts of your new sewing machine. Many beginners start out this way, and many have reveled in the fantastic benefits it provided them. Continue reading to learn which parts of a sewing machine you should label for a quicker and more effective memory and skill-building strategy.

Parts to Label

It’s best to get familiar with all the knobs, levers, and buttons on your sewing machine first. Locate these parts and apply a label with its name and its function. By becoming familiar with these parts and the function the serve, you will feel less intimidated about starting your first sewing project. Here’s a list of the parts you should label on your sewing machine, where they are located, and the purpose they serve in terms of sewing, stitching, and patchwork:

Length Stitch Knob

This knob is located at the top of the machine, on the right side. So think, “top-right” when looking at your machine. You can spot this knob because it should be marked with a number series, starting at one and ending at five.

Stitch Width Knob

The next part to label is the stitch width knob. This is also marked by a series of numbers representing different stitch widths, just as the length stitch knob mentioned before. This knob is located right next to the stitch length knob, generally on the left side.

Tension Control Knob

The third, but equally important, part to label on your new sewing machine is the tension control knob. This should be located on the front-side of the machine next to or near the needle.

Thread Take-Up Lever

The fourth part to label is a thread take-up lever. This can also be found at the front of the machine, and to the left of the needle. Take note that this part is also somewhat inside the machine. It takes thread up and down, in the machine.

Reverse Lever

Next, locate and label the reverse lever, also called the even switch. This part is can either be found at the front of the machine, to the left of the needle, or it can sometimes be on the left-side of the machine. It depends on the make and model sewing apparatus you have.

Handle Wheel

The last part to label is the hand wheel. You can spot this part at the top, far left side of the sewing machine. For newer models, this will look like a large knob, while older models have a metal wheel.

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