Instructions for Homemade Fabric Softener

Whether you are a seamstress, fashionista, working professional, or simply a person who likes to take good care of their wardrobe, you want the best feel for your fabrics and textiles. And aside from regular washing, a great way to get soft, fresh-smelling fabrics is to use a fabric softener in addition to your detergent. Although available at almost any grocer or convenient store, fabric softeners can sometimes trigger or intensify certain allergens, as well as, cause mild skin irritations too.

For this reason, many people are making their own homemade fabric softener! With a few simple household ingredients, you can concoct your own fabric softening solution in the comfort of your kitchen. Not only is homemade fabric softener an eco-friendly alternative to the chemicals used in commercial products, it is more cost-effective too. You can use it for clothing, blankets, towels, curtains, and more! Continue reading to learn how you can keep all your fabrics feeling great with your very own, homemade fabric softener!

What You’ll Need:

Dispenser Ball (optional)
1 Gallon Plastic Pitcher
1 Gallon Plastic Bottle
Long Wooden Spoon
2 Cups Hair Conditioner
3 Cups White Vinegar
6 Cups Water

Getting Started

You can choose to purchase a fabric softener dispenser ball for timed-released dispensing if you like, or you can simply add your softener the way you always have before. If you do not have a 1 gallon pitcher, you can use a large bowl and funnel instead. The pitcher is what you’ll be mixing your solution in, and its spout is helpful for transferring the final product into your large plastic bottle. Without it, you’ll need a funnel. When it comes to hair conditioner, simply choose one that has a satisfying scent and ingredient label. No need for an expensive brand, as any generic brand will do. Once you gather all your supplies, you can get started!

Step ➀: Bring 6 cups of water to a boil in your saucepan.

Step ➁: In your 1 gallon plastic pitcher, combine the boiling water with 2 cups of hair conditioner.

Step ➂: Use your wooden spoon to stir them together until there are no more lumps. Do not take your time because you want the solution stays warm for the rest of the process.

Step ➃: While your solution is still warm, stir in 3 cups of distilled white vinegar. Be careful not to shake the solution. This will cause it to bubble or fizz.

Step ➄: Transfer your solution to a 1 gallon plastic bottle. You can use your old fabric softener bottle, a new empty plastic bottle, or any large container with a resealable lid.

Step ➅: Test out your new fabric softener! Use it the same way you would any other fabric softener, but in ¼ to ½ cup measurements.

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