How to Button a Men’s Blazer the Right Way

Men have a plethora of options on the style market when it comes to single-breasted blazers and suit jackets. But without the right buttoning knowledge, style is not guaranteed. To be fashion-forward in 2022, it is important to know how to button a men’s blazer the right way. Continue below for some tips that will help you become an instant expert, plus information on what to do if your jackets don’t seem to fit the way you envisioned them to.

Men's Tailoring Services Indianapolis Indiana 317-845-9077
Men’s Tailoring Indianapolis Indiana 317-845-9077

Which Blazer Jacket Do You Have?

When it comes to deciding how to button a single-breasted men’s blazer or suit jacket, the question you must ask yourself is, “Which kind of blazer is it?” Traditional blazer jackets come with one, two, or three buttons. There are very few that come with more than three buttons, or none at all. The button count on your blazer will help you make the right fashioning decision for your wardrobe occasion.

Here’s a Guide to Help You:

1 Button Single-Breasted Blazers – If you have a single-breasted blazer or suit jacket with one button, you have two rules to follow: Always have it buttoned when standing and always have it unbuttoned when sitting. This will ensure you are both fashion-forward and comfortable.

2 Button Single-Breasted Blazers – If you have a single-breasted blazer that has two buttons, you have two options. Easy to remember; right? Button the top button when standing and leave it unfastened when sitting. Do not button the bottom button. Just don’t.

3 Button Single-Breasted Blazers – If your single-breasted blazer or suit jacket has three buttons, you have rules to follow. When standing, always have the middle button fastened, but you can add the top button with it if you want. Do not leave the jacket unbuttoned entirely and never fasten the bottom one.

What’s Wrong With the Bottom Button?

Although the bottom button on a single-breasted blazer is functional, it is not supported by the 2020 fashion experts. Not only will buttoning the bottom button of a blazer or suit jacket add on extra poundage, but it will also be quite uncomfortable when walking, sitting, or moving in general. There are some exceptions to this rule, so just use your best judgement. After all, how you feel is what’s most important!

Blazer Not Fitting Right?

When your jackets don’t seem to fit right no matter how you wear them, you may have better luck with professional alteration services. A tailor can alter your jackets and blazers to fit your measurements perfectly. Just be sure to choose a reputable and experienced Indianapolis alterations shop for quality results you can trust.

Do you need some professional men’s clothing repairs or tailoring services? Contact Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for affordable men’s tailoring and alterations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We provide a wide range of services for men, children, women, costumes, and even home textiles like table cloths and curtains. We specialize in wedding alterations.

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Check Out All the Tailoring Services Offered at Yong’s Alterations!

When you need a skirt hemmed, a suit fitted, or a wedding dress altered, Yong’s Alterations has what it takes to meet all of your fashion design needs! We are truly a one-stop-shop for professional alterations and tailoring in Indianapolis.

Continue reading to learn more about all the alteration services we have to offer, and why you should choose us as your trusted, go-to tailors!

Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

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Our expert tailors have incredible accuracy executing customized fits and modifications for wedding dresses, bridal gowns, formal wear, prom dresses, Quinceanera dresses, casual dresses, skirts, blouses, leather garments, scarves, shawls, suits, blazers, jackets, pants, jeans, shorts, rompers, jumpsuits, uniforms, scrubs, athleisure, lingerie, and much more.

⭐ Men’s Tailoring

We provide professional men’s tailoring and alterations for leather garments, suits, tuxedos, blazers, jackets, vests, shirts, slacks, pants, trousers, jeans, shorts, outerwear, sportswear, uniforms, scrubs, scarves, and much more.

⭐ Kid’s Tailoring

Our expert tailors provide professional alterations and modifications for all sorts of children’s clothing, including onesies, dresses, suits, shorts, pants, blouses, skirts, jackets, outerwear, baptism outfits, swimsuits, and more.

⭐ Home Décor and More

Aside from clothing and apparel, our expert seamstresses can work their tailoring magic on various home décor items, such as cloth napkins, curtains, draperies, table cloths, table runners, place settings, bedding, and more. We can also alter costumes, recital outfits, beaded and sequenced garments, uniforms, performance outfits, sports jerseys, and much more.

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Indianapolis Alterations

's Alterations Indianapolis Indiana

‘s Alterations Indianapolis Indiana 317-845-9077

Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for professional clothing and home decor alterations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a wide range of alterations for women, men, children, and home décor. And we specialize in wedding alterations! From table cloths and curtains, to wedding dresses, bridal gowns, tuxedos, Halloween costumes, and more, we have the experience and skills to deliver outstanding results in a convenient time frame. Request an estimate, today!

Yong’s Alterations is a One-Stop-Shop for All Your Indianapolis Tailoring Needs

Indianapolis Wedding Dress Alterations

Indianapolis Wedding Dress Alterations 317-845-9077

Custom tailored clothing and fine fabrics will always be desired, which means there will always be the need for a highly-skilled tailor. At Yong’s Alterations, we know that an exceptional tailoring job starts with a tailor that has the experience necessary to render outstanding results. As skilled alteration specialists, we have what it takes to provide a wide range of tailoring services for clothing and fine linens. We are truly your one-stop shop for all your alteration and tailoring needs! Just see for yourself all the professional tailoring services we offer for women, men, children, and even home décor!

Women’s Alterations

Here at Yong’s, we specialize in wedding alterations. Everything from wedding gowns and bridal wear, to veils, slips, corsets, and more. As for general women’s alterations, we offer tailoring for dresses, gowns, blouses, pants, lingerie, jeans, jackets, coats, skirts, formalwear, uniforms, and more! We even offer fashion-updating alterations, such as shoulder pad removal. Our teams are highly-skilled with fine and delicate fabrics like lace, beads, beadwork, silks, satins, leather, and more.


Men are no stranger to tailoring, as we all know a suit must be customized to look its best! At Yong’s Alterations, we offer a wide variety of tailoring services for men, including wedding alterations for tuxedos, cumber belts, and more. As for general men’s alterations, we offer tailoring services for jeans, pants, suits, dress shirts, ties, jerseys, uniforms, handkerchiefs, jackets, topcoats, and more.


Our tailoring options for young boys and girls are wide-spread. Not only do we provide formal tailoring services for childrens’ bridal and formalwear, we also offer general alterations for shirts, dresses, pants, suits, costumes, uniforms, jerseys, graduation gowns, and more.

Home Décor

Alterations are not just for clothing, but for fine linens too! We provide skilled alterations for home décor such as curtains, valances, tablecloths, table runners, cloth napkins, blankets, quilted wall art, and much more. So you see, we really are the one-stop-shop for all your tailoring needs!

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Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for professional tailoring services at a great price. We are located in Castleton, with a convenient location just off Allisonville Road. We are happy to provide free estimates and quotes for clothing repair and tailoring services, any time. Call 317-845-9077 to schedule an appointment for Indianapolis alteration services, today.

4 Wedding Dress Issues You Can Easily Avoid

You’ve read all the guide books, visited all the seminars, interviewed all your married friends, and covered dozens of magazine articles swearing they have all the answers to planning your perfect wedding. So you feel like you’ve learned everything you need to know to make your day go by smoothly. However, all the literature in the world cannot prepare you for those small, easily overlooked wedding dress blunders that tend to happen to even the most A-type bride. Fortunately, these easily-overlooked wedding dress issues are just as easily avoidable with the right facts!

Walking Around

Many brides do a great job at remembering to bring in their shoes along with their dress to their alteration appointment for an accurate cut and fit. Trying on your wedding dress with the shoes you intend to wear on your big day is very important in order to get the proper length and flow you want. But one mistakes brides make is not walking around in their dress and shoes at the alterations appointment. Often times, standing in your shoes and dress is easy, but walking around can prove to be a difficult task. Practice walking in your dress and shoes before the actual wedding day, and make the proper adjustments to be as comfortable as possible.

More About Shoes

On the topic of wedding shoe issues, walking isn’t the only task to consider. If you are not wearing the most comfortable pair of high heels for your wedding ceremony, be sure to bring a change of shoes for your reception. You don’t want to walk around with blisters and miss out on all the dancing! Instead, bring an extra pair of shoes that are practical but stylish. Be sure to walk in them first as well to see if they are a good fit for your dress.


Many brides hope and pray for good weather on their day, but there is no controlling Mother Nature! So when you are planning your wedding day attire, be sure to consider the weather. Look at seasonal trends and decide if your wedding date is going to be a wet or rainy day. Wet ground can be extremely soft and muddy for days after a rain storm, and heels will sink right through. If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception, this will be a huge burden. You might need to prepare to wear flats if the ground is going to be wet and soft.


Just like shoes, it is highly recommended to try on your dress with the jewelry you intend to wear on your special day. What may seem like a good choice can actually turn out to be a pestering issue all night. For example, you could wear a bracelet that ends up catching on your lace dress all night long. Not only is this obnoxious, it leaves behind frays and imperfections.

Indianapolis Wedding Dress Alterations

Yong's Alterations Indianapolis Indiana

Yong’s Alterations 317-845-9077

Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for Indianapolis wedding dress alterations and bridal wear alterations you can trust. We specialize in a wide range of bridal tailoring services for men, women, and children. Get professional alterations for wedding dresses, bridal gowns, tuxedos, suits, dresses, and more, all at the most competitive prices in town! Call 317-845-9077 to schedule an appointment today!

Men Have Tailoring Options Too!

When you think of alterations, images of dresses and gowns might pop into your head; but alteration services aren’t just for women and girls. Men have tailoring options too! A well-tailored suit or clothing is next to gold for some men. In fact, a properly tailored suit or tailored clothing can make a man look that much more dignified and professional. Aside from suits, there are several other types of tailoring options and common alterations for men’s and boy’s clothing. Continue reading and learn some other tailoring possibilities for the guys!

Suits and Tuxedos

Tuxedos and suits are not just for weddings anymore. A suit can be dressed into many different styles for many different occasions. Whether a leisurely night on the town, a company conference, or a black-tie function for charity, a well-tailored suit or tux can make a world of difference in fit and fashion. Sleeves, lapels, blazers, jacket lengths, collars, necklines, hems, pleats, cummerbunds, dress shirts, zippers, buttons, pockets, and even ties and pocket scarves occasionally need altering. To get that perfect comfort and feel, men’s clothing sometimes need a few tweaks to get it just right. The same goes for boy’s suits and tuxedos.

Denim and Leather

Men are known to own many pairs of jeans. They keep buying more and more, so they must love the way they feel. But to get an even better look and more comfort, denim alterations will do the trick. Men are commonly getting their new jeans altered for length and width. Men who are exceptionally tall like to have their jeans custom made, which is something a trained tailor can certainly do! In addition to denim hemming, take-ins, and width adjustments, zippers, pleats, and pockets are often in need or repair or alteration. Again, the same applies to boy’s denim clothing.

As for leather, men like their leather jackets, belts, and more. And since these garments are generally expensive, it is likely for them to be altered or repaired when in need. Cuffs, sleeves, shoulders, rips, tears, zippers, and more can be altered or repaired by a trained tailor.

Jerseys, Uniforms, and More

Other common garments worn by men and boys are sports jerseys and uniforms. Whether a school jersey or uniform, or for work, alterations are important to keep them in their best condition possible. Certain jerseys are not replaceable, therefore, when a repair or alteration is needed, it can truly save the garment from becoming trash. Work uniforms sometimes cost money to replace, so when a zipper is broken or a few buttons go missing, the best option is to take it to an alteration shop for a cheap and quick repair.

Yong’s Alterations

Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for men’s alteration services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are expert and experienced alteration specialists that provide tailoring services for both men and women garments, as well as, home décor, costumes, and more. We specialize in formal wear alterations, bridal alterations, tuxedo alterations, and wedding dress alterations. Call 317-845-9077 for information about our men’s tailoring services in Indianapolis, IN today.