What to Consider When Sewing Your Own Curtains

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Sure, you can go to the home store and choose from a wide selection of pre-made and manufactured curtains, most of which you can expect to be overpriced for their value. Or, you can choose to visit the fabric store, select from a seemingly infinite selection of fabrics (all varying in color, shade, texture, and designs), and sew your own custom curtains! Not only can you expect more value for your money, you can expect a product that is customized to your home’s décor and your personal style.

And don’t let sewing intimidate you! If you are a moderate sewist, then you should have no problem sewing up some beautiful nursery, kitchen, or bathroom curtains. For larger windows, like patio doors and living rooms, you might want to get some experience under your belt before undertaking a bigger project that requires a lot of fabric. Continue reading to learn some important considerations to make when sewing your own curtains, and a brief guide to measuring curtain panels.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before hitting the stores for fabric, there are a few questions to ask yourself about your curtain sewing project in terms of size and scope. And then you’ll have to do some important measuring after that! Start by asking yourself the following questions to get a plan together:

1. How long do you want your curtains to be?
2. Are there any obstructions that need to be taken into consideration, like a radiator?
3. Do you want the curtain to cover the entire window and trim, or just in the recess?
4. How full do you want your curtains?
5. How thick is your curtain rod?

Measuring Curtain Panels

Curtain Measurements

Curtain Measurements

Once you have the answers to these important questions, you are ready to move onto the measurement stage of the project. Measuring curtain panels can be tricky if you do not pay attention to the details and plan ahead before cutting into fabric. Use the simple guidelines below to help you understand the proper method of measuring curtain panels.

Parts of a Curtain Panel:

• ½ inch Turn
• Header Facing
• Finish Length
• Hem
• ½ inch Turn

Refer to the diagram to see how these areas add up to form your entire curtain panel. Once you understand how a panel must be measured, you can move forward with measuring your window and then plugging in the proper numbers to get the coverage you are after.

The formula for measuring curtain panels is simple. Add the total amount of all panel parts together, and then multiply that number by the number of panels you are making. With this number, divide by 36 inches to get the amount of fabric in yards. Here is an example:

Total Curtain Panel Measurement: 180 inches
Number of Panels Needed: 2
180 x 2 = 360
360 ÷ 36 = 10 Yards of Fabric

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