How to Care for Oriental Carpets and Rugs

When someone purchases something pricey and rare, they most likely wish to preserve their expensive commodity for as long as possible. This same principle applies to oriental rugs and carpeting. For anyone preparing to make an investment in oriental carpets, it is wise to first learn how to properly care for them.

Continue reading for tips on how to provide routine cleaning and care for oriental fabrics, rugs, carpets, and more.

Oriental Rug Repair Indianapolis IN 317-845-9077
Oriental Rug Repair Indianapolis IN 317-845-9077

Oriental Rug and Carpet Care 101

Oriental rugs and carpeting require routine cleaning and care for optimal longevity, brilliance, and beauty. This means shampooing, vacuuming, safeguarding, and more. When it comes to vacuuming oriental carpet, once per month is plenty, except for high-traffic areas which need swept once a week.

If you have pets or multiple residents in the home, you may need to increase the frequency to twice a month, or even once per week. One of the best vacuums to use on oriental rugs and carpets are ones with a beater bar that loosens the dirt and debris better than standard vacuums do. Also, use the vacuum on a gentle suction level so you don’t damage the integrity of the carpet fibers.

Deep Cleaning for Specialty Rugs and Carpeting

Aside from routine vacuuming, oriental carpeting requires a deeper cleaning every now and then. An effective approach for this task is steam cleaning. Not only will steam cleaning remove dust, dander, and debris hidden deep within the carpet fibers, it will eliminate odors and stains as well.

For homes with multiple residents or multiple pets, odor treatments are also highly recommended. Many professional carpet cleaners suggest using an O-zone odor treatment to remove lingering smells like mold, must, urine, and more.

Repairing and Altering Oriental Rugs and Home Décor

Safeguarding oriental rugs and carpets is a major part of long term protection. Using a scotch guard on your oriental carpets will provide them a layer of protection against everyday wear and tear. It is a safe chemical that only needs applied a few times per year. If your specialty rugs catch a snag or require resizing, you can have them altered and repair at a local Indianapolis alterations shop that provides home décor alteration and repair services.

Do some of your specialty rugs and tapestries need some alterations or repair? Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for more information about our home décor repair and alteration services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Request a free estimate, today!

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Where to Get Drapery and Home Decor Alterations in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Alterations
Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

Where to Get Drapery and Home Decor Alterations in Indianapolis

Whether your Egyptian cotton sheets are now too big for your new queen-size bed, your living room drapes are not sized properly to your new window installations, your child’s blanky has a rip, or your vintage area rug has seen some better days, Yong’s Alterations in Castleton, Indiana can provide prompt and professional home to court and drapery alterations at a price you can afford.

Continue to below to learn more about our drapery and honed graduation services, and how to get started with a free quote.

Home Decor and Curtain Alterations 317-845-9077
Home Decor and Curtain Alterations 317-845-9077

Superior Home Decor Tailoring in Castleton Indianapolis

Yong Lishchynsky, owner and he operator of Yong’s Alterations, is a Master Alteration specialist with more than 32 years of experience in the tailoring industry. Her and her staff of experienced seamstresses provide a wide range of home to core and drapery alteration services for all fabrics and textiles. Synthetic leather, velvet, chiffon, lace, and everything in between, we are fully equipped with the proper knowledge and experience to deliver the highest level of excellence in the local Indianapolis alterations industry.

Drapery And Fabric Decor Alterations We Do:

▷ Coverlets
▷ Duvet Covers
▷ Bed Sheets
▷ Comforters
▷ Blankets
▷ Pillowcases
▷ Bed Sets
▷ Slipcovers
▷ Mattress Covers
▷ Rugs of All Sizes
▷ Window Treatments
▷ Curtains
▷ Drapery
▷ Valances

▷ Couch Covers
▷ Tablecloths
▷ Placemats
▷ Doilies
▷ Naperies/Serviettes
▷ Fine Fabrics
▷ Specialty Fabrics
▷ Woven Knits
▷ Tapestries
▷ Tents
▷ Dog Beds
▷ Cat Towers
▷ Cushion Covers
▷ Tree Skirts

Choose Our Indianapolis Alterations Shop for Your Custom Home Décor Tailoring Needs

Drapery and home decoration alterations is one of our most popular alteration services because Hoosiers love a beautifully-curated and designed home interior. From window treatments and bed sets to area rugs, tablecloths, tapestries, and more, our skilled tailors can restore, repair, or alter it! When the dimensions are not quite right, trust Yong’s Alterations for professional and speedy service at an affordable price.

Do you have some draperies or home décor items that needs some altering? Contact us at 317-845-9077 for professional home décor alterations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We can often provide same-day service!

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Indianapolis Alterations
Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

3 Effective Methods of Removing Ink Stains From Clothes

Whether in the office or at home, if you have pens, you’re bound to get ink stains. The problem with ink stains is that they tend to worsen from the moment of contact. Especially more absorbent garment materials, like cotton and nylon, will cause an ink stain to become bigger since the absorption rate is higher. But the next time you get an ink stain on your favorite button down or office dress, turn to this incredibly effective and simple solution for getting them out, and fast.

Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

Ink Stain Removal That Actually Works on Clothes

Got a bottle of hairspray? That’s right; conventional, store-bought hair spray straight from your bathroom closet will work effectively to lift out ink blots. Just grab a couple paper towels and place them on your work surface for protection. This layer of paper towel will help control any ink transfer, so that your counter or table does not get stained too.

Place your garment stain-side-down on the paper towels. Then spray several times over the ink spot. Allow the hairspray to sit for a few minutes, then using a clean, damp towel, carefully dab the spot, being mindful not to rub, or scrub, or press too hard. You may need to repeat these steps a couple of times. After you are done, wash your garment on cold with a mild detergent, then dry it on high heart to finish.

Ink Stain Removal From Suede and Leather

High quality, specialty materials like suede and leather require a different approach to ink stain removal. See our blog, “How to Get Ink Out of Leather” to learn how to treat leather jackets, purses, and even couches that are stricken with ink stains. As for suede, like shoes, jackets, and even that darling chaise lounge in your living room, you will need some fine grit sandpaper. Simply buff away the ink stain using gentle, delicate pressure, and even strokes. Once you have lifted most of the ink away, gently scrub it with a soft-bristle brush dipped in white vinegar. To finish, use a toothbrush to smooth the suede back out.

Where to Get Help With Sewing and Alterations in Indianapolis

Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for professional home décor and clothing alterations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are expert tailors who provide affordable alterations for men, women, children, and home décor. Bring us your sewing projects, costumes, coats, suits, dresses, formal wear, team jerseys, curtains, upholstery, and more! Call 317-845-9077 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis Alterations, today.

Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077

Check Out All the Tailoring Services Offered at Yong’s Alterations!

When you need a skirt hemmed, a suit fitted, or a wedding dress altered, Yong’s Alterations has what it takes to meet all of your fashion design needs! We are truly a one-stop-shop for professional alterations and tailoring in Indianapolis.

Continue reading to learn more about all the alteration services we have to offer, and why you should choose us as your trusted, go-to tailors!

Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

⭐ Women’s Tailoring

Our expert tailors have incredible accuracy executing customized fits and modifications for wedding dresses, bridal gowns, formal wear, prom dresses, Quinceanera dresses, casual dresses, skirts, blouses, leather garments, scarves, shawls, suits, blazers, jackets, pants, jeans, shorts, rompers, jumpsuits, uniforms, scrubs, athleisure, lingerie, and much more.

⭐ Men’s Tailoring

We provide professional men’s tailoring and alterations for leather garments, suits, tuxedos, blazers, jackets, vests, shirts, slacks, pants, trousers, jeans, shorts, outerwear, sportswear, uniforms, scrubs, scarves, and much more.

⭐ Kid’s Tailoring

Our expert tailors provide professional alterations and modifications for all sorts of children’s clothing, including onesies, dresses, suits, shorts, pants, blouses, skirts, jackets, outerwear, baptism outfits, swimsuits, and more.

⭐ Home Décor and More

Aside from clothing and apparel, our expert seamstresses can work their tailoring magic on various home décor items, such as cloth napkins, curtains, draperies, table cloths, table runners, place settings, bedding, and more. We can also alter costumes, recital outfits, beaded and sequenced garments, uniforms, performance outfits, sports jerseys, and much more.

There are MANY Reasons to Choose Us!

Walk-ins are always welcome.
Appointments are always accepted.
We have over 30 years of hands-on experience.
We have a convenient, nearby location with free parking.
We have after-hour appointments available upon request.
We provide alterations for men, women, children, and home décor.
We offer an endless list of customer amenities.
We adhere to strict workmanship standards.
We have a high traffic of repeat clientele.
We provide custom tailoring services.
We were voted “BEST ALTERATIONS” in Indianapolis Monthly Magazine.
We are dedicated to high quality, superior value, and excellent customer service.
We are devoted to providing attentive and personalized customer service.
Our owner studied at the dress design school international in Germany and Korea.
We truly care about our clients!

Indianapolis Alterations

's Alterations Indianapolis Indiana

‘s Alterations Indianapolis Indiana 317-845-9077

Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for professional clothing and home decor alterations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a wide range of alterations for women, men, children, and home décor. And we specialize in wedding alterations! From table cloths and curtains, to wedding dresses, bridal gowns, tuxedos, Halloween costumes, and more, we have the experience and skills to deliver outstanding results in a convenient time frame. Request an estimate, today!

Popular and Effective Fabric Protectants on the Market

There isn’t a big secret to prolonging the life of your clothing and fabric upholsteries. The trick is to couple an effective fabric protectant with proper cleaning and care; that’s it! All you need is the right knowledge and a little discipline. This strategy is guaranteed to help you achieve the highest level of fabric integrity and cleanliness!

One of the most common products for this is called Scotchgard®, which is actually a brand name rather than a name of a product; much like using the term “Q-Tip®” in place of cotton swab, “Band-Aid®” in place of bandage, or “Kleenex®” in place of tissue. In this blog, we will pinpoint all the popular products and brands that are commonly used to protect clothing, upholsteries, and other valuable fabrics in your home.

Yong's Alterations 317-845-9077

Yong’s Alterations 317-845-9077

3M Scotchgard®

As mentioned, Scotchgard® is a brand name of a popular and effective fabric protectant. It blocks stains from setting in too quickly, and even repels dirt and spills. Aside from its true effectiveness, it is inexpensive, odorless upon drying, and abundantly available at most retail stores. You can expect a 10 ounce can to cost anywhere from $3 to $6, retail. There are many different Scotchgard® products to choose from, each one designed to protect specific types of materials and surfaces. There are products for clothing fabric, leather, suede, carpet, and more. You can use these Scotchgard® products to protect curtains, placemats, cloth napkins, tapestries, chairs, chaises, couches, futons, rugs, carpeting, table linens, and of course, clothing! It is safe to use on wool, silk, cotton, polyester, and many other fabrics.


Forcefield® is another brand of fabric protectant that proves to be effectual in all the same categories as Scotch Gard®. It provides an odorless and invisible barrier against dirt, spills, stains, and more. It generally comes in a 20 ounces spray bottle that allows users to simply spray on fabric and leave it to dry. It dries quickly and can be used on most fabrics, including clothing, carpets, rugs, curtains, linens, and more. You can expect a 20 ounce bottle to cost anywhere from $5 to $10 or more, depending on the retailer.

Croftgate USA®

One of the most highly reviewed and popular fabric protectants, Croftgate USA® is a wonderful choice for carpet and upholstery care. Not only is it a high-performance fabric protector that provides a barrier against oil-based and water-based spills, it is an Eco-friendlier option to fabric protection. It retains a UV-absorber that reduces color-fading, it is easy to apply, and dries almost odor-free. It comes in a 32 ounce spray bottle that will set buyers back anywhere from $15 to $20 or more, depending on the retailer.

Sunbrella 303 High Tech Fabric Guard®

Even outdoor fabrics and upholsteries need protection! And this product provides it! It is a safe, non-toxic, colorless, odorless fabric protectant for outdoor furniture and upholsteries. It can be applied to gazebo canopies, patio furniture cushions, outdoor rugs and carpeting, patio umbrellas, swing covers, and more. It slows down mildew growth, enhances UV protection, and reduces the effects of weather-related wear and tear. You can expect a 16 ounce spray bottle to cost around $20 or so, depending on the retailer.

✨ To further protect and prolong the life of your fabrics, learn how to make homemade fabric softener!

Indianapolis Alterations

Yong's Alterations Indianapolis Indiana

Yong’s Alterations 317-845-9077

Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for professional clothing and home decor alterations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a wide range of alterations for women, men, children, and home décor. But we specialize in wedding alterations! From table cloths and curtains, to wedding dresses, bridal gowns, tuxedos, Halloween costumes, and more, we have the experience and skills to deliver outstanding results in a convenient time frame. Call 317-845-9077 to request an estimate for Indianapolis alterations, today!