Sewing Machine Advice for Vinyl Fabrics

In both the recent and distance past, we have discussed tips for all sorts of materials and fabrics, from denim and leather, to pleather, satin, silk, and preshrunk fabrics, stretchy fabrics, fusible web, zipper feet, and much more. But today, we will cover some important tips for sewing vinyl or vinyl-coated fabric using your sewing machine.

Continue reading to learn some ways to overcome common problems with sewing machines and vinyl.

Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

Problems With Sewing Vinyl in a Machine

There are various problems that can arise when attempting to use your sewing machine to sew vinyl or vinyl-coated fabrics. This is especially true for stickier vinyl fabrics that have a tackier surface, as they tend to resist when you feed them under the presser foot. Stitch lengths, preshrinking, and other obstacles are also common with sewing vinyl in a sewing machine. Fortunately, there are some nifty ways to overcome these common issues and setbacks, all of which can be done with a simple adjustment or household item.

Support Smoother Feeding

It is common to have trouble feeding vinyl fabrics through the sewing machine. Not only does this sticky surface cause a minimal amount of resistance, the entire operation is not typically smooth. However, using a simple item, such as gift wrapping tissue, can help alleviate this common struggle. Simply place your vinyl fabric piece between single sheets of tissue paper, and then feed under the presser foot of your sewing machine. This will provide the stability and smoothness you want when sewing vinyl.

Mind Your Stitch Lengths

When sewing conventional pieces, you would use your go-to stitch length. However, when working with vinyl and vinyl-coated fabrics, it is best to increase your stitch length. If your stitch lengths are too close together, they can evolve into a tear strip, like the one on your unopened package of shredded cheese. So be sure your stitch lengths are wide enough apart so that the integrity of the vinyl is not weakened or jeopardized in any way. It is recommended to use test strips and practice on vinyl before applying this tips to your final project piece.

Preshrink Your Fabric

You must preshrink your vinyl pieces if they are ever to be laundered. Otherwise, they will most certainly shrink after an initial round in the washing machine and dryer. See our blog, “How to Shrink Fabric” to learn what you need to know about pre-treating and shrinking your project pieces. Again, it is recommended to experiment with a test piece of fabric to ensure workable results.

Professional Vinyl Alterations in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
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