Sewing Advice for Knitted Fabrics

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Indianapolis Clothing Alterations 317-845-9077

Knitted fabrics are terrific for cozy sweaters, scarves, hats, blankets, pillow covers, and much more. They are common choices for everyday household items as well, like table runners, placemats, oven mitts, curtains, and coasters. The applications for knit fabrics is seemingly endless, and unfortunately for some, the struggle to work with them are as well. Novice sewers tend to have difficulty sewing knitted fabrics for many reasons. They run into common issues like stretching, missed stitches, incorrect sewing machine needles, and basting.

If you are fairly new at sewing and wish to create cozy garments with your favorite knit fabric pattern, continue reading to learn some helpful tips that will stick with you for life!

Use the Proper Needle

One of the most common mistakes made when sewing with knit fabrics is using the incorrect sewing machine needle. The recommended needle for the job is a ballpoint needle. They are the best option for sewing knits because they allow the needle point to push the fabric fibers aside, rather than penetrating them as a normal needle would do. If you do not use the proper needle, it will cause another common problem that is associated with knitted fabrics: skipped stitches.

Use Stretch Stiches

To avoid breaking the fabric, you must incorporate some stretching abilities into the seams. If the seams cannot stretch sufficiently, any small amount of force will cause them to snap apart. You can prevent this by using the proper stretch stitch setting on your sewing machine. If you do not have a stretch stitch setting, you can use a zig-zag stitch or a tricot stitch. If you choose to use a stretch stitch setting, be sure you baste your garment seam beforehand.

Make Use of Your Sewing Machine Options

It is important to utilize your sewing machine’s feature options when sewing with knitted fabric. To avoid stretching, it is recommended to use even feed foot and dual feed options. If your sewing machine does not have these options, you should baste your garments together before feeding them into your machine.

Alterations for Knitted Garments

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