Recommended Sewing Tools to Help You Sew

With the right tools, you can make sewing much easier for yourself. And with a large variety of sewing tools, you can open yourself up to a whole wide world of sewing possibilities! Take a look below for some recommended sewing tools that will help you become a better sewist. Learn what tools and supplies you can add to your sewing basket to make sewing a whole “bunch” easier!

Sewing Tools and Supplies

Measuring Tools:

• Sewing Gauge W/Point Turner
• Spacing Gauge
• Ruler
• Wedge Ruler
• Curve Ruler
• Strip Ruler
• Ribbon Ruler
• Grid Ruler
• Seam Ruler
• Tape Measure

Cutting Tools:

• Soft Grip Scissors
• Rotary Cutter
• Seam Ripper
• Fabric Cutter
• Fabric Cutting Board
• Textile Shears

Pressing Tools:

• Wood Pressing Bar
• Board Clips
• Iron
• Ironing Press
• Spray Starch
• Static Guard
• Finger Presser

Accessory Tools:

• Snap Pliers
• Stud Setter
• Button Fastener
• Liquid Applique
• Applique Clip
• Fabric Marking Pen
• Fabric Adhesive
• Bobbin Winder
• Basting Pins
• Craft Gloves
• Pencils and Sharpener
• Tailor Chalk

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