Modern Elements of a Sewing Room

If you finally have some space for a sewing room, it is something to celebrate. Start by imagining your dream sewing space, and then write down a list of everything you want, and everything you must have. For a basic guide, there are certain elements of a traditional, yet modern-day, sewing room that you can use to create your final plan.

Continue reading to learn what these elements are, and where you can get additional sewers’ advice you can trust.

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Sewing Room Basics You Need to Consider:


You will need to see when you work, so be sure your sewing room has proper lighting. Tabletop lamps combined with sufficient overhead lighting are recommended for smaller rooms. Larger rooms might require additional floor lamps or sconces.


Electricity is going to be something you will use in your sewing room each time you are in there. Your sewing machine, iron, steamer, and other electronic devices will require power. So, be sure to coordinate your outlets and power strips accordingly.


There is an ongoing debate among sewing enthusiasts on which flooring is the best for sew rooms. The real answer depends on your personal preferences. Many prefer smooth surfaces, like vinyl, laminate, or wood, to make sweeping and cleanup easier. Also, finding small needs and other sewing accessories in shaggy carpet is not easy.

Sewing Station

You will need to set aside enough space for your sewing station. This might include a table and chair that houses your sewing machine and all your sewing accessories.

Cutting Table

If you plan on cutting your work fabrics, you will need a cutting station. You can get quality cutting tables online, or at your local sewing retail store.

Ironing Station

Working with fabric will naturally cause wrinkling and cinching. To make sure your sewing pieces are smooth and wrinkle-free, add in space for an ironing and steaming station.

Hanging Space

If you are working with clothing or larger, draping pieces, you will want to have space in your sewing room to hang items up. Simply go with a few racks, or create your own built-ins.


You will need a place to put all of your extra sewing products and supplies, so be sure you set aside space for this in your sewing room schematics. You can add bins and drawer systems, armorers, cabinets, or shelves.


You will have things to throw away when you are in your sewing room working. So, be sure to have plans for both your garbage items and your recyclable sewing scraps.

Additional Elements to Consider:

Mirrors – If you plan to sew clothing and other wardrobe garments, tall mirrors can deliver convenient fittings and gauge size adjustments.

Computer – Add space for a computer if you are running a business, have a blog or website, a video channel, or other internet and bookkeeping needs.

Display Station – You might decide to display your work, whether for at-home sales, personal attribution, or organization, add room for a display station.

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