Is Your Sewing Machine Swallowing Fabric?

There are plenty of frustrating mishaps and mechanical errors you can experience with your sewing machine, especially if you have been sewing for several years. Running into problems like these are bound to happen at some point on the sewing machine learning curve. However, this does not mean that you cannot change your approach when necessary to avoid such problems.

Indianapolis Clothing Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Clothing Alterations 317-845-9077

One of the most complained-about issues is fabric swallowing. If your sewing machine is swallowing all your fabric, use these nifty tricks to remedy the issue for good!

1) Use a Finer Sharper Needle

You always want to use a needle that is fine enough to sew through the fabric you are using. If your needle is too thick, it can force the fabric into the hole beneath the presser foot. In the case that your sewing machine is swallowing a lot of fabric, try opting for a finer, sharper needle as a solution.

2) Seal Up the Needle Plate Hole

Although it may sound odd, you can try to cover the needle plate hole with something that can withstand the friction and heat of a sewing machine, like sticky clear tape. Just be sure you place it underneath the hole and not on top.

3) Never Start Sewing on a Raw Edge

When you are sewing, never start on a raw edge of a piece of fabric. Instead, start from an inside point and work your way to the edge of the fabric, especially if you are sewing pleats or darts. For slippery fabrics, start from at least 3/8th of an inch from the edges.

4) Avoid Back Tacking at the Start of the Seam

Not only do you never want to start sewing on a raw edge, you do not want to tack back in the middle of a run. Instead of doing this, turn your piece over and then sew over the gap that you left at the beginning.

5) Change to Chain Stitching

Chain stitching is a method that involves sewing one piece of fabric onto another piece without stopping, raising, and lowering the presser foot in between. You can use this approach if your machine is swallowing fabric a lot.

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Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
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