Important Wedding Dress Alteration Tips

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event that has a deep significant meaning for a bride and groom, as well as their loved ones. And for many, one of the most important facets of a wedding is the wardrobe. Tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses, and of course, the one and only wedding dress, are all important parts of planning that need to be just right. But let’s face it; the most important piece to get just right is the bride’s. After all, it is her day.

Before moving forward with a wedding dress of your choice, it is wise to review some helpful tips for alterations. This is because wedding dress alterations are almost always necessary, and you should be prepared to make the best decisions for your special dress and day. Continue reading to learn some important wedding dress tailoring tips that will help you prepare for your big day!

Bridal Alterations

Keep in mind that bridal alterations are almost always necessary. If not for the rest of the bridal party, than at least for the bride. Alterations ensure that a dress fits the most comfortable and looks it’s very best. No one wants to fidget with an ill-fitting dress all night, or trip over their train when walking down the aisle. Bridal alterations makes a dress accentuate all the best features of a bride, while also making ti functional and safe.

Be sure to factor in the cost of bridal alterations to your overall wedding budget. This will prevent a surprise down the line when you find out that all groomsmen tuxedos need hemmed and your dress needs multiple operations. Over-budget to always be safe. The total cost depends on the complexity and frequency of alterations.

When going in for fittings, always bring everything you plan to wear with your wedding dress. Bring all undergarments, including Spanx®, lingerie, brassieres, and slips. If you don’t, your dress might not fit over everything you intend to wear on the day of your ceremony! Also be sure to bring your shoes and veil too. This will help prevent alteration mistakes like hemming the dress too short to wear high heels.

Indianapolis Wedding Alterations

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