How to Use Your Sewing Machine to Baste Stitches

Basting comes with several benefits, whether you choose to hand baste or machine baste. Although hand basting is deemed easier since you maintain full control at all times, machine basting can be much faster, so long as you know the proper technique. Continue reading to learn some tips that will help you master machine basting stitches this year.

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Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

Basting Fundamentals

Basting is the method of sewing long, easily-removable stitches into two pieces of fabric, and can be done by machine or by hand. It is intended to temporarily connect two pieces of fabric together for the purpose of fulfilling an overall sewing need. The umbrella reason for basting is to save time. Basting does this in many ways, but mostly, by providing ease and convenience. It is worth your time to baste if you find yourself in certain sewing situations.

Machine Basting

Machine basting is an efficient method of testing the fit of an area before committing to a seam, such as with an appliqué. When implementing a baste with your sewing machine, it is important to sew it in directly next to the line where your final, permanent stitches will go. However, if you are simply holding together two fabrics temporarily, this is not as important. An example of this would be when sewing in a zipper.

Getting Started:

First, set the stitch length to “long stitch” on your sewing machine.

Second, pin the fabrics together as if you were preparing to sew them.

Last, implement the baste with your sewing machine.

Some Tips:

Use different color threads for basting to easily tell them apart from actual seams.

Avoid Back-Stitching! This would make removing the baste very difficult.

You may use bobbin thread in the bobbin pin or upper thread if the thread tends to leave marks on the fabric.

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Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
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