How to Turn Your Spring Wedding Dress into a Fall Wedding Dress

Like many other bride and grooms, you may have had to push your spring or summer wedding plans back a bit. If your wedding is rescheduled for fall or winter, don’t think you have to buy a whole new dress to accommodate the cooler temperatures and end-of-the-year climate. Continue reading to learn some tips for altering your springtime wedding dress into more seasonally-acceptable one!

Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077

Seasonal Wedding Dress Alteration Tips

Not only can you use these following tips for making seasonal alterations to wedding gowns, you can also apply them to all formal wear, including bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, tuxedos, and more:


Perhaps one of the most popular options for luxury formal outerwear are fur shawls. Now, if you are not interested in real fur, nor the price tag that comes with it, do what most brides do and opt for a faux version. A similar option is a blanket scarf or full cape. Fur-trimmed capes come with or without hoods, making them a popular choice for outdoor weddings in the winter. You can also go for a more edgy and modern twist on bridal outerwear with a white or pearl-colored leather jacket! These are great tips for bridesmaid gowns too!

Dress Toppers

A dress topper is sort of like a wedding dress overlay. It is a thin layer of dress that goes over the wedding dress. They can be entirely customized to add sleeves, lacing, coverage, and more, depending on what you want. These are great because they are like getting two dresses in one! You can simply remove the dress topper once you are inside where it is warm! Dress toppers can also be applied to bridesmaid gowns.


You can never go wrong with accessories, and fur shawls and scarves are only the start. Additional wedding dress accessories that help modify a gown for a new season include closed toed shoes, full-head veils, and chunkier jewelry. You can also incorporate cooler color tones, like silvers and pearls, to complement the cooler weather! Apply these tips to bridal gowns too!

Basic Alterations

Got a sleeveless wedding gown? Or perhaps one with dainty straps or an exposed back? All of these dress features can be easily modified for cooler weather. A skilled seamstress can add sleeves or hem length, incorporate more fabric underneath for insulation, and cover up chest and décolletage (chest) areas.  

Where to Get Trusted Wedding Dress Alterations in Indianapolis

Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for professional wedding dress alterations and bridesmaid dress alterations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer comprehensive and personalized formal wear tailoring services for all garments and fabrics, regardless of size, scope, texture, and material. We also offer rush alteration services for emergency bridal tailoring needs, as well as, also provide same-day alterations, express tailoring, while-you-wait tailoring services, and so much more! Request a free estimate or information, today.

Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077