How to Store Your Wedding Dress Before and After the Big Day

Your wedding dress is an important investment. Not only must it look brilliant and flawless on your special day, it might be handed down to your future daughter or daughter-in-law for their future nuptials. For these reasons and more, it is important to take the proper precautions to ensure it remains protected while put away in storage.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about storing your wedding dress, both before and after the wedding.

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Tips for Wedding Dress Storage

The proper approach to storing your particular wedding dress will mostly depend on its style, however, there are some general rules of thumb that apply to all wedding dresses, regardless of style. Always store a wedding dress in a cool, dry, dark place, away from high traffic areas of the house. Closets are perfect for this! You do not want your wedding dress near heat or light, as these conditions can cause discoloration, fading, and fraying. This means you do not want to place your dress near heaters, registers, vents, stoves, ovens, windows, or anything else that emits high amounts of heat or light.

Moisture is also an enemy when it comes to keeping your wedding dress safe. So, be sure your storage location is perfectly dry and not at risk for moist conditions. Another factor to consider when stowing your wedding dress is odors. Keep your dress away from the kitchen where you will be cooking and frying up foods, as well as, musty basements, chemical-filled garages, and similar areas. You also want to keep your dress away from areas where kids can access!

Hang It or Box It

You have two main options that are recommended for storing a wedding dress. You can either hang it up or store it in a box. In order to make this decision, you need to consider that style of your dress. Consider length, lacing, beadwork, appliques, ribbons, ties, straps, embellishments, the overall weight of the dress, and more. You want to also consider accessories, like veils, jewelry, and heels.

Hanging up a dress improperly, or one that should be stored in a box, can cause fabric distortion, ripping, and similar types of damage. Dresses that are lighter in weight and more delicate, such as satin, chiffon, organza, or lace, can be hung up, so long as you use a very sturdy hanger that has notches or hooks in the upper area.

Strapless gowns have loops that can be used to hang them up without the risk of stretching out the shoulders. When hanging up a wedding dress, be sure to also cover it with a protective bag. Do not use plastic, as this can cause discoloration. Use a fabric, like an old king sheet or specialty garment bag. It is recommended to have your alterations shop wrap your wedding dress for you to ensure proper storage and protection.

Boxing a wedding dress is often the better choice. Some dresses are made with medium to heavy fabrics, and therefore, better off being stored in a box. Just be sure you do not place the dress in plastic, and then put it in the box. As mentioned, colors can fade or distort from long-term contact with plastic. Dresses will need to be gently folded into the box, which should be placed in a cool, dark, dry location.

After the Wedding

To keep your wedding dress in pristine condition for years to come, use the same storage tips given above, but incorporate a wedding gown preservation kit. You can purchase these at your local alterations shop, or online at your trusted retailer.

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Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077