How to Shop for a Quinceanera Dress

A Quinceanera is a special, coming-of-age moment in a young lady’s life, and one of the most important celebrations in Spanish and Latin American culture. On their 15th birthday, a beautiful ceremony is held to mark a young girl’s passage into womanhood and give thanks to their God for their blessings. In older times, it was also held to “present” the young woman to the community for marriage.

Quinceaneras are without a doubt a meaningful and significant occasion, and a tradition that can be traced back as far as the Aztecs. For young ladies, it serves several special meanings, however, they will also tell you that one of the best parts is choosing a stunning Quinceanera dress!

Quinceanera Dress Alterations 317-845-9077

Quinceanera Dress Alterations 317-845-9077

Since there are so many options to choose from, it helps to use these tips for Quinceanera dress shopping. They will help you sort through the clutter and find the dress of your dreams for your coming-of-age daughter!

💎 Create a Dream Board

You need to start with a vision before you hit the streets to shop for a dress. Creating a dream board is a great way to achieve this; in fact, you should encourage girls to start their Quinceanera dream boards a year before so they can collect magazine clippings, webpages, screenshots, photos, fabrics, color strips, and more. Ask your daughter to think about the features she has always imagined for her dress, such as colors, necklines, skirt size, skirt layers, skirt length, fabric material, accessories, and more. When choosing a color, think about skin tone.

Next, ask her to think about her comfort zone, and which areas of her body she is comfortable revealing. For example, if she likes her collarbones and neck, but does not like showing her ankles, a long dress with a low neckline may be the best option. In contrast, if she does not like revealing her arms and neck, she can choose a turtleneck dress with sleeves. Once your vision is set, select the top five looks and get ready for the next step of Quinceanera dress shopping!

💎 Embellish and Personalize It

After choosing the perfect Quinceanera dress, take it a step further by enhancing it with personalized embroidery, beadwork, embellishments, ornaments, decorations, additional fabrics, and more. Not only will this make a dress dazzle and amaze, it will be unlike any other dress anywhere in the world. Simply work with a trusted Indianapolis alterations company to design a custom look using your choice of Swarovski crystals, appliques, ornaments, rhinestones, lacing, gems, and much more.

💎 Accessorize!

A Quinceanera dress is not complete without all the fancy accessories. Now that you have your base chosen and customized, you can easily find accessories to enhance the overall look. Traditional accessories generally include corsage, purse, shoes, veils, tiaras, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, sashes, ribbons, slips, hosiery, makeup, and nail polish. These days, there are many more accessories being used for Quinceanera dresses, including shapewear, false nails, false eyelashes, hair extensions, hair pieces, arm bands, and even temporary tattoos. If you choose a tiara, it is recommended to downplay other jewelry to better accentuate the tiara and earrings.

Indianapolis Quinceanera Dress Alterations

Yong's Alterations 317-845-9077

Yong’s Alterations 317-845-9077

Call Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for professional Quinceanera dress alterations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are highly-skilled and experienced tailors who value quality and customer satisfaction above all else. Give us a call at 317-845-9077 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis Quinceanera dress alterations, today.

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