How to Sew a Straight Line

The first time you used a sewing machine may have been daunting and seemed down-right impossible to you. But gain comfort in knowing that a lot of first-time or novice seamstresses feel the exact same way! It is important to take all the small and necessary steps to mastering the art of using a sewing machine, and to enjoy the learning curve as you go! One of the first things you want to master is sewing in a straight line. After all, many seams are supposed to be straight! Continue reading to some tips and tricks to remember when trying to sew a straight line.

Sewing a Straight Line

There are six essential tips to know and follow for sewing a straight line. Each tip is a helpful way to reduce frustration that may show through in your finished garment, as well as, to guide you in the direction of familiarizing yourself with the basics to straight-line sewing. Let’s get started:

1. Always Set a Seam Guide

In order to achieve even seam allowance when stitching a garment, it is important to utilize a seam guide. The seam guide on a sewing machine is where the edge of the garment or fabric should be so you can stitch a straight line. Even professionals with decades of experience use seam guides.

2. Do Not Watch the Needle

So many novice sewers are compelled to only watch the needle when using a sewing machine. But this is not the way to get a straight line! When using a sewing machine, watch the seam guide, not the needle, and this will help produce a nice, even, straight line.

3. Control Your Speed

Basic sewing machine skills include how to control your speed when stitching. You never want to go too fast, so it is important to get familiar with the feel and speed of your machine. This way, you will not lose control or sew too fast without realizing it. Sewing at a high speed will almost never render a straight line. Control your speed and better control your stitching!

4. Use the Proper Needle

Using the wrong sewing needle will render a crooked or mismatched stitching pattern. In order to get the straightest line possible, you must always match the correct type of sewing needle for the fabric you intend to sew.

5. Learn Your Machine

Not all sewing machines are the same, which means they can all range in capabilities, styles, features, and more. In order to sew properly, you must know your machine. You have to learn all the parts, mechanisms, maintenance, minor repairs, and more so you can undertake any sewing matter or simply manage a straight line any time. Study the manual for help.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

To get good at anything in life, you must work at it. Sewing is no different. If you want to sew in straight lines, practice as much as possible! Practice makes perfect! Practice for years and years, and before you know it, you will be able to sew a straight line in your sleep!

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