How to Properly Feed the Dog on Your Sewing Machine

The best way to get excellent results with your sewing machine is to take good care of it and use proper sewing practices. In fact, your technique can make or break your sewing project. Continue reading to learn why you should never force fabric through the feed dog on your sewing machine.

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Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

It is somewhat ironic that the most important part of your sewing machine is also one of the smallest and most frequently replaced components. We are talking about the needle. Your sewing machine needle may seem small and insignificant, but in reality, it is specially designed to do a specific job. However, it cannot perform this task on its own; the needle also requires the compliance of all other components within your sewing machine.

Not only must all your sewing machine components work together in unison to produce the best results, you as the operator also have a duty. That duty is to ALLOW the sewing machine to do its job without forcing or manipulating anything. Specifically, you should never force fabric through the feed dog. We bring up this particular habit above all others because it happens to be one of the most common user errors. Most people are not even aware they are pushing the fabric through their feed dog. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to break this habit.

Why It’s Bad

Force feeding the dog on your sewing machine can bend your needle, damage your sewing machine, and destroy the fabric and overall results. This includes both pushing the fabric through the area under the presser foot and pulling the fabric under the presser foot from behind the needle.

So, it is very important to always let the feed dog move the fabric under the presser foot on its own to avoid creating issues with your project. A common sign that your sewing machine needle is bent is a clicking or hitting noise. If you hear something hitting the machine or clinking, stop operation at once.

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