How to Knit a Rug With Your Fingers

There’s a fun, new trend growing in the craft world known as “finger knit rug” making. That’s right; you can knit a yarn-based round rug using nothing but some chunky yarn, a hula hoop, and your trusty digits! Not only are finger knit rugs fun and simple to make, they are a great project for all ages, including kids. Continue reading to learn what you need to make and finger knit rug, as well as, a step-by-step guide in creating your own cozy masterpiece.

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Make a Colorful Finger-Knitted Rug!

What You Need:

🧶 3 – 4 Rolls of Extra Bulky Yarn
⭕ Hula Hoop
✀ Pair of Scissors

First Step:

Start thinking about the color scheme and design you want for your rug. Keep in mind, it will be round. Grab a pen and some paper and draw out various ideas if you have trouble deciding on which direction to take. Look online at round rugs to get some additional inspiration.

Second Step:

Once you have chosen your color scheme and design, you are ready to gather your supplies. Visit your local craft or fabrics store for everything you need. You can also go to any store that has a craft section, such as Target®, Meijer®, and similar stores. If you are on a budget, the local Dollar Store will likely have yarn and hula hoops this time of year!

Keep in mind that the color and material of the hula hoop does not matter, but the size will be indicative of your final product. You will be using the hula hoop as a loom, so the bigger the hoop, the bigger the rug, and vice versa.

Third Step:

Now you are ready to make your loom. Start at a center point on the hoop and tie a string of yarn from one end to the other. Repeat this step in even increments, 9 more times. Ultimately, you will use a total of 10 strings to make 20 spokes on your loom. To finish, pull two spokes together (doesn’t matter which two) so that you only have 19 spokes total. Using a separate piece of yarn, secure these spokes at the center by making a knot. This will be your starting place.

Fourth Step:

Now that your loom is complete, you’re fingers are ready to knit! Begin by designating your non-dominant hand as a temporary loom. Now grab a skein of yarn. Holding the end piece of the string with your thumb against your index finger, begin winding it through your fingers, from index to pinky, and then loop back around in the other direction. At this point, you should have 2 loops of yarn around each finger (not your thumb).

Here comes the knitting part! With two loops of yarn around each finger, proceed by using your free hand to pull the bottom loops up, over, and behind each of your four fingers. At this point, you should be down to one loop around each finger. Repeat this step until your knitted strand is at the length you desire. Next, cut the yarn from the skein, weave it into a final loop on your fingers, slide it off your hand, and then pull. Repeat this process for each color of yarn.

Fifth Step:

Now you should have several strands of knitted yarn waiting to be added to your loom. Taking the tail of your first strand and tie it to the center of the loom. From there, move in a clockwise direction, weaving the strand in and out of each spoke until you reach the starting point again. When you complete a circle of one color, cut off the strand and secure it to a spoke to keep it in place. Continue this process for each strand.

Last Step:

As you continue the process of the previous step, think about how big you want your rug. You may want it smaller than the loom, or virtually the same size. Just stop when you reach the circle size that suits you. Secure the last strand to the loom, and then cut off the end of each spoke.

You now have a beautifully knitted rug that you made with your fingers!

Special Tip: Consider adding on extra embellishments and accessories, like gems, pearls, crystals, and more. Don’t need a rug? Make place mats, potholders, blankets, and more. Your imagination is the limit!

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