How to Create a Sewing Kit

Here’s your beginner’s guide to creating your very own sewing kit! Everything you will need can be found either around your house, or at any local store with a sewing isle or department. These items are generally inexpensive, so your initial investment should be quite low; and then, when you need to replace items later on, they are always affordable and within your budget! The best part is, with your very own sewing kit and caboodle, you can sew or stitch anything in sight, and on your own time! A custom sewing kit makes curtains, drapes, cloth napkins, sleeves, sweaters, socks, dresses, hems, and more, possible projects! Continue reading to learn the basic items found in a traditional sewing kit, as well as, some extra sewing tools for more advanced students and seamstresses.

Sewing Kit Guide

You do have the option of buying prepackaged sewing kits on the market, but they always seem to leave something out! The best strategy for a sewing kit is to assemble your own and create a custom set just for you. Start by locating or purchasing a container to use as your sewing kit. A basket, shoebox, tackle box, or other container that will safely and effectively hold all your sewing gear. Once you have a place to keep and transport your sewing kit, it’s time to fill it! Here are the basic items to begin with:

• Fabric Shears
• Regular Scissors
• Straight Pins
• Pin Cushion
• Tape Measure
• Tracing Wheel
• Thread Snips
• Rotary Cutter
• Cutting Pad
• Quilting Ruler
• A Sewing Book

For advanced sewing enthusiasts and hobbyists, additional items are recommended for a sewing kit. Items like a sewing magazines, printed project ideas, thread racks, hardware bins and organizers, and lightweight fusible interfacing for tissue patterns and more. If you ever need advice about sewing projects and necessities, call your local Indianapolis tailor for professional and accurate information you can trust.

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