How to Choose the Right Pant Fit for Men

Men come in all different statures, dimensions, sizes, shapes, and more. All men’s bodies are different, so it takes some knowledge and a little experience to know how to dress yourself in a way that flatters your unique build the most. When it comes to clothing, not every fit is treated equally! Depending on your particular figure, clothing will fit differently. It is up to you to use the right combination of style and awareness of fit, to find the right pair of pants for you. Continue reading to learn how to match yourself to a pant type that suits you and your shape the best.

Get the Right Look!

Picking the right fit for your stature is how you can achieve a stylish look that works for you. Match your build to the descriptions below and learn what pant-type you should be looking for!

Big and Tall

The gentlemen that fit in this category have long legs, and with either a big or flat abdomen. Either way, they will need a pant with a long rise and long leg length. For full abdomens, try a flat front pants in a full cut, and for flatter mid-sections, try a flat front or pleated pant.

Tall and Slender

For taller men, boot cut or trim cut pants flatter their height best. They can also try flat fronted pants or pleated pants, with or without cuffs. Buy regular rise pants with longer leg lengths are key for these builds.

Short and Slender

Shorter men look best without all the excess bulk. Choosing flat front pants over pleated pants eliminates this unflattering bulkiness by reducing fullness in the thigh down to the ankle. Look for short-rise or low rise pants, something with a shorter inseam, like a trim cut.

Short and Heavy

Heavier set, short men want to shop for flat fronted, full cut, and low rise pants. This is a difficult combination to find on the racks, so most gentlemen have better luck using an Indianapolis men’s tailoring shop to achieve a comfortable and flattering fit.

Just Short

Men who have average builds but are just short want to dress themselves in a pant with a low rise, short inseam, and preferably no cuffs. Cuffs can just emphasize a shorter stature. Try flat front pants, and avoid pleated pants.

Short Torso, Long Legs

This is a tricky build to dress, but it turns out that a short rise pant with a longer inseam really does the trick! Try boot cut, low rises, and traditional cuts for the most gratifying fits.

Long Torso, Short Legs

For these particular builds, we just do the opposite of short torso and long legs. This means buying pants with a long rise and short inseam. Lean towards traditional cuts with flat fronts.

Big Belly and Thighs

Men with big bellies have trouble keeping their pants from sliding down. In order to combat this problem, try on flat fronted traditional cut pants for a comfortable and flattering look. Don’t make the mistake of buying a larger pant size so it feels better around your waist because then the rear will be too big. Also, steer clear of pleated pants.

Big Belly, Flat Rear, and Thin Thighs

These builds also have a hard time keeping their pants from sliding down due to their big bellies, but it is hard to find a proper pant fit with thin thighs and a flatten rear. Men of this stature should look for pants with a trim cut and a flat front. This will ensure a proper fit in all these areas. Pleated pants will only emphasize these traits so avoid them.

Small Waist, Big Thighs

This is the build that works well with pleated pants. They give you ample room in the backside and thigh area, providing comfort and style. Long rise and full cut pants are the best option here.

The easiest way to get the best fit for your pants is to trust an experienced tailor to alter your pants and suits for an optimal fit! A tailor can custom fit and alter pants, suits, dress shirts, cuffs, sleeves, coats, jackets, and more to fit your perfectly.

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