How to Calculate Denim Fabrics By the Weight

When it comes to purchasing denim fabrics for sewing, it can be a bit challenging to calculate the proper amount of material needed for your project. This is because denim is often sold by the weight rather than by the square foot, like most other fabrics. So, if you are planning a denim sewing project, but not sure how to estimate the amount of fabric you need, continue reading to learn how to prepare for your denim shopping experience before headed to the craft supply store.

Indianapolis Denim Alterations 317-845-9077
Indianapolis Denim Alterations 317-845-9077

Denim By the Weight

In order to know how to calculate denim by weight, you need to learn the basic rule of thumb for taking measurements. Memorize this formula: 1 yard of 5 ounce denim weighs 5 ounces. So, what is this mean for your sewing project? Well, denim is sold by different weights, from 5 ounce denim all the way up to 25 ounce denim. Lower denim weights will be softer and more flexible, while higher weights will be stiffer and more course to the touch. This means you will need to first decide how heavy you want your denim to be. From there, you’ll need to apply the rest of your mouth. When it comes to making blue jeans, the most common weights of denim used are 12 or 14 ounces.

For lighter clothing and sewing projects, such as headbands, go for a lower number denim weight for pliability. If you are making something that requires more durability, such as a tote bag or place mat, you might want to opt for a medium-high weight in denim. For construction overalls or similar heavy-duty clothing, you might want to go for a higher weight in denim. For crafts and supplies, such as bookmarks, you want to use the heaviest duty denim you can find.

Using Denim Fabric

Because denim it is a tougher type of fabric, you need sharper tools for cutting it up. Stick with an extra-sharp scissors, which are available at most fabric and craft stores for under $30. Similarly, you want to be sure your rotary cutter is sharp, so you may need to replace the blade. This will make pattern cutting much easier and prevent fraying disasters. Lastly, you will want to get yourself some strong pins to hold your fabrics together during the different stages of your project. Sturdy sewing pins should not bend when they are being used. Denim can also test the strength of your sewing needles. Denim is known to break a few needles in sewing machines, so it is important to choose the proper sewing needles to protect your supplies and your project.

Professional Denim Alterations in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis Wedding Alterations 317-845-9077
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