How to Avoid Common Wedding Dress Mistakes at Your Fitting

When it comes to a wedding dress, nothing is more important than looking and feeling your best when you wear it on your special day. Your wedding gown alterations and scheduled fittings are the key to achieving the perfect fit, form, and function, so be sure you are fully prepared on your side to nail each appointment! Otherwise, you may face some unanticipated wedding dress blunders that so many brides have regrettably faced during their ceremony and reception.

Needless to say, if you do not want to deal with wedding gown mishaps and malfunctions on the day of your nuptials, it is wise to familiarize yourself with some commonly overlooked elements of wedding gown fittings.

Continue reading to learn some of the most common wedding dress blunders, and how to avoid them on your special day.

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Common Wedding Dress Errors to Avoid

One of the most important tips any bride can learn is to schedule a fitting and alterations appointment the SAME DAY they find and purchase a gown. It is the only way to ensure a stress-free wedding planning process. Getting your fittings and alterations started as soon as possible leaves ample time for mistake-fixing and working out all the kinks. No one wants to be altering their wedding dress the NIGHT BEFORE their wedding day! Below are some tips on probable wedding dress blunders so you can avoid them on your special day!

Do Not Forget to Bring Your Wedding Dress Shoes

When you show up for your fitting, be sure to bring your shoes you plan to wear with you. If you plan to swap shoes in the middle of your reception, bring these shoes as well. It is important for the tailor to measure your dress alterations while wearing your shoes so that the dress is not too long or too short on the day of your ceremony. You also want your dress to move smoothly and effortless with each step, as to not make you trip over your hem.

Also Bring Your Undergarments and Accessories to Every Fitting

Be sure to also bring all undergarments and accessories you plan to wear with your wedding dress. Undergarments include brassieres, bustier, panties, Spanx, slimming garments, hosiery, garters, and more. By having your full outfit with you, your tailor can properly plan and measure the perfect fit for your wedding dress. If you do not try on your dress with these intended undergarments, your dress may be too tight, too short, too long, or uncomfortable in some other manner.

Wedding Dress Accessories

It is also important to bring all other accessories you plan to use or wear on your wedding day to be sure they work with your alterations. Bring veils, gloves, hosiery, jewelry, sashes, capes, and body chains. and more. This helps to see if the sizes, designs, shapes, and fits work with the dress and the alterations. Once you have these items on, and you are fully dressed the way you intend to be on your special day, try walking! More than walking, try sitting, bending, and even dancing. You need to see how the dress is going to flow and fit when you are walking around and moving.

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