Fun Ways to Teach Kids How to Sew

Sewing isn’t just fun and relaxing, it is a handy skill to have. Teaching your kids to sew is an endearing and memorable moment for all of you. So passing down the knowledge of sewing from parent to child is important and rewarding. If you have decided to teach your kids how to sew, consider a few different techniques to mix up their learning curve! Continue reading for tips on how to teach kids to sew, and some fun beginner projects to start them off with.

What You’ll Need

For young children who are learning to sew, you will not need very many items, and certainly nothing too fancy. In fact, all you’ll need is some yarn, tape, hollow noodles, and construction paper! As for older children (grade-school and up), it is recommended to purchase a beginner sewing kit for ease and convenience. These kits vary in size and quality, but come with the basic tools and supplies needed to get started. If you wish to construct your own sewing kit for an older child, consider these tools:

✂ Assortment of Polyester-Spun Thread
✂ A Spool of Yarn
✂ Scotch® Tape
✂ 8” Bent-Trimmer Scissors
✂ Hand Needles
✂ Straight Pins
✂ Seam Ripper
✂ Pin Cushion
✂ Thimble
✂ Sewing Gauge
✂ Measuring Tape
✂ Construction Paper
✂ Needle Threader
✂ Pencil
✂ Scrap Fabric
✂ Plastic Storage Container

Fun Sewing Projects for Young Kids

For preschoolers and kindergartners that want to learn how to sew, greeting cards is a fun project to try! This simple activity only requires construction paper, scotch tape, and yarn. These materials are safe for young children to use, and double as effective sewing tools for teaching the basics. Start by having the child choose a color of paper, and then choose between a landscape or portrait-style card.

Next, cut the paper in half to their liking, hold the two pieces together, and then use a pencil to pierce 10 holes along the cut edge. Cut a 12 inch piece of yarn and a 2 inch piece of scotch tape, and then roll the tape up around one end of the yarn to form a kid-safe sewing needle. Be sure to tie a knot at the other end. From there, you can show your child how to thread through the holds and make a homemade greeting card for someone they love!

Noodle necklaces are another fun and easy project for the little ones, and it teaches them how to thread through the center of noodles! All you need are some hollow noodles, such as rigatoni or penne, and some yarn and scotch tape. Measure a pierce of yarn around your child’s neck, add 10 inches, and then cut a piece of yarn that size for them to use. Roll 2 inch piece of tape around one end of the yarn to form a sewing needle and tie a knot at the other end. Dump all the noodles into a bowl and watch them have fun as they thread a necklace together!

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