FAQS About Sewing Machine Zipper Feet

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If you are new to sewing, you need to know what a zipper foot is and what it does. After all, you need to understand all aspects of your sewing machine and needle in order to become a skilled seamstress. With repetition and determination, you can create the most amazing pieces of work, and all with the help of a zipper foot! In this blog, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about zipper feet, including what they are, what they do, and where to get them at an affordable price. Continue reading to expand your sewing knowledge about zipper feet and more!

What are Zipper Feet?

A zipper foot is a metal sewing device that can adjust to attach to either side of a sewing machine needle. The purpose of this tool is to eliminate the need for the presser foot, thus relieving pressure on the zipper teeth when sewing zippers onto fabric. It prevents the pressure foot from causing the zipper teeth to get caught in the feed dogs.

Where Do I Buy a Zipper Foot?

Zipper feet come with most sewing machines, but not all. You can purchase zipper feet on any online sewing machine vendor who sells replacement sewing machine parts. You can also find local dewing machine stores that sell replacement parts. If buying online, be sure to choose a trusted online vendor that provides secure online transactions.

Which Zipper Foot Should I Use?

Use the zipper foot that comes with your sewing machine. If you need to replace it, the tool you choose depends entirely on personal preference, but also on your sewing machine’s make, model, and shank height. Some prefer the thinner zipper feet, while others perform better with a wider, chunkier zipper foot. Try a few sewing machines to learn which type suits you best.

Why Do Zipper Feet Move Side to Side?

This allows zipper feet to be functional with lapped and centered zippers. You move the foot to the side you need so that the presser foot is not on the zipper teeth. Some simply snap off and reattach to the side you need, while others slide back and forth.

What Can I Sew Using a Zipper Foot?

Trim and piping are the most common uses for zipper feet, however, they are also used for other sewing purposes. Decorative beading, appliques, and lace are other examples.

What is the Most Common Zipper Foot Mistake and How Can I Avoid It?

The number one mistake made when using a zipper foot is failing to re-tighten the screw after moving it to a new side. For those that do not snap on, you have to unscrew them and move them to the other side. If you forget to re-tighten the screw, it can be detrimental to your sewing machine and presser foot.

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