Common Household Items That Make Excellent Stitch Markers

Most experienced knitters likely have a few stick markers in their kit, but stitch markers are a gizmo that seems to go missing all the time. For this reason, it is cost-effective to learn how to create a make-shift stick marker out of everyday household items when you are in need of some on the fly. So long as you’re not too keen on being fancy, these alternatives work really well!

Continue reading to learn which items make the best stitch markers, including how to use them.

Knitting Alterations 317-845-9077
Knitting Alterations 317-845-9077

Household Items for Stitch Marking

Be the most resourceful knitter on the block by making your own stitch markers with these everyday items!

Paper Clips – Paper clips are a widely-available item that works well as a homemade stitch marker. All you have to do is bend and shape them into the proper stitch marking too you need.

Yarn – You can easily make your own, unique stitch markers with some scrap yarn! Just be sure to make a slip knot that is big enough for your needle to slide through.

Floss – Whether regular, minty-fresh, or embroidered, floss works as a great stitch marking substitute. Just try to use a floss color that you can see well.

Safety Pins – Safety pins are a very effective, make-shift stitch marker. Just be careful using them, as they can easily get stuck in the closure and snag.

Jewelry – Got some old clip-on earrings that will never serve a useful purpose again? Put them back to work as a make-shift stitch marker!

On the Road and in a Pinch?

Grab plastic straws at a gas station or coffee house! Simply cut the straws into tiny, even segments. Then just slide them on the needle to use as a standard marker.

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