Cheap Clothing Repair Tools to Have on Hand for Halloween Costume Blunders

For those who really love Halloween, planning the costume is a big deal. So, when you are out and about, enjoying the Halloween festivities, you do not want to be faced with a costume blunder. A broken strap or zipper rip can quickly spoil your Halloween spirit. So, whether you are dressing yourself or your brood, be sure to plan ahead by having a few useful clothing repair tools on hand for all those unexpected, emergency Halloween costume fixes.

Continue reading to learn which tools are most handy, and how they can solve your Halloween costume mishaps.

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Halloween Costume Repair Hacks on the Go

Although those unexpected Halloween costume mishaps always happen at the worst time, the proper tools to save your night can all fit into your bag, making on-the-go emergency costume repair a real option. Best of all, you can buy every tool and spend less than $20. Plus, you now have reserves for other types of costumes, like dance recitals, themed parties, theater activities, and more.

Here are the top 5 recommended clothing repair tools you can use to fix unanticipated Halloween costume blunders:

Laundry Detergent Pen

A laundry detergent pen is something that should be a staple in anyone’s personal belongings. High-quality pens, like Tide brand, can be used on a wide variety of fabrics, making it safe for all clothing. Spill some punch on her Princess dress? Your pen will save the day! It is recommended to use a laundry detergent pen in combination with a wet wipe, for deeper or darker stains. Be sure to always test a spot first to ensure it will not react adversely with the fabric.

Safety Pins

Safety pins are a great tool for emergency clothing blunders. If your costume’s dress strap or zipper breaks, or it gets ripped, a safety pin can quickly provide some security, at least as a short-term solution. You can also use safety pins to reattach decorative patches or appliques, hold up cuffs and sleeves that are too long, tighten a waistline, secure a scarf or veil, and much more. Best of all, safety pins are very cheap, and come in packs of many.

Snag Repair Tool

You might not know what a snag repair tool is, but rest assured, it is a great clothing repair tool to have on hand, especially with Halloween costumes. A snag repair tool can be purchased for around a dollar or two at any local department store, or even online. They are small, like the size of a pair of tweezers, making them easily portable and storable. When your costume’s skirt, pants, or stocking catch a snag, simply turn to this tool to help ease the damage.

Fabric Glue

Fabric glue sort of speaks for itself. Like conventional glues, fabric glue is designed to adhere, but specially designed to be an adhesive for textiles and fabrics. Fabric glue is cheap, comes in a small, squeezable tube, and can be stored for years. When it comes to Halloween costumes, this glue really comes in handy. Use it to glue on decorative patches and appliques, reattached straps and buttons, seal up ripped pockets, and more.

Fabric Mending Tape

Fabric mending tape is a versatile clothing repair tool that can really come in handy in times of emergencies. Like fabric glue, it can be used to reapply appliques and decorative pieces back onto a costume, but it can do so much more too. Fabric tape can also be used to cover holes and rips, and repair tears. To use, you simply iron on the patch, and then apply the decorative piece, or fabric, on top. Not only is Fabric mending tape easy to use, it is inexpensive and available at any local department store.

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