How to Reattach Iron-On Letters and Appliques

If you’ve been a high school graduate for a couple of decades, it is safe to say that all of your old and cherished sweatshirts are fitted with those era-evident, iron-on letters and appliqués. From sportsmen jackets and volleyball team sweatshirts to cheerleading uniforms, marching band blazers, and more, the variety of garments used for iron-on lettering is endless. Even modern-day clothing has them, especially children’s’ apparel. Regardless of which garment you have with pressed-on letters, it is frustrating when they begin to peel off or come detached. Fortunately, there is a way to fix this.

Continue reading to learn how to reattach iron-on letters and appliqués with a few simple steps and materials, and an emergency fail-safe approach if nothing seems to work for you.

Letterman Jacket Repair Indianapolis IN 317-845-9077
Letterman Jacket Repair Indianapolis IN 317-845-9077

What You Will Need to Reattach Pressed-On Letters

The type of supplies you will need to reattach ironed-on letters and appliqués will include both tools and materials. Here’s a go-to list that can be found in the local department or craft store:

☑ Sewing Machine
☑ Iron
☑ Ironing Board
☑ Scissors
☑ Paper-Backed Fusible Web (Lightweight)
☑ Matching Thread
☑ Parchment Paper

How to Fix Iron-On Letters

Getting started is simple. First gather all of your supplies and be sure they are within grasp, then turn on your iron recording to the fusible webs manufacturer’s instructions.

Your next step will be to apply your fusible web. It is important to use a lightweight fusible web. If you use fusible web that is too heavy, your garment will be very stiff.

Lay out your parchment paper on the ironing board. Then place your garment or detached letters right-side down on the parchment paper.

Now using your scissors and fusible web, trace around the letters or appliqués that are to be reattached as best you can. The fusible web cutouts should be just a bit larger.

Next, place the fusible web on top of the lettering or appliqués that are being reattached, rough side down.

Then iron over the fusible web until the backing is adhered to the items being reattached.

Once the letters or appliqués have cooled completely, cut away any excess fusible web around the letters or appliqué.

Reapplication Instructions for Ironed-On Letters and Appliqués

Your next stage of the project is to apply the lettering or appliqués back onto the garment. To begin, lay the garment out on your ironing board as flat as possible.

Then arrange the lettering or appliqués in place as they were originally designed on the garment.

Next, use a piece of parchment paper or clean rag to press on top of the lettering to ensure they have a solid connection to the garment. Be careful not to move any of your items out of place when you do this.

With the parchment paper on top of the letters or appliqués, use your iron to press them down carefully.

Lastly, allow the items to cool before moving it again. And you are done!

Pro Tip #1: Although the fusible web should do the trick, you can further secure your letters or appliqués in place if you sew them to the garment. This is where your sewing machine will come in handy. Just be sure to keep the stitching even on all edges to prevent the unappealing curling effect.

Pro Tip #2: Take good care when washing your embellished garments. Turn it inside out and wash on delicate cycle in cold water. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. If you choose to iron, use a very low setting.

Have you had a little bit of trouble reattaching the lettering or appliqués to your favorite garment? If so, contact Yong’s Alterations for superior clothing repair services in Indianapolis, Indiana at the most competitive prices in town. We can usually offer same day service!

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How to Put Your Costume to Good Use After Halloween

Costumes are arguably the best part about Halloween. So, once the festivities are over, it’s a bit sad to put that Halloween costume away for good. After all, most people do not wear the same costume every Halloween. Switching it up and trying something new is all part of the dressing-up fun! If you really love your Halloween costume, you don’t have to let it go to waste after tomorrow.

Continue below to learn the top 3 ways you can put a used Halloween costume to good use!

Halloween Costume Repair Indianapolis 317-845-9077
Halloween Costume Repair Indianapolis 317-845-9077

How to Extend the Life of Your Halloween Costume

Keep for Kid’s Playtime

Kids love to play dress up no matter what time of year it is! If your kids, or your friend’s kids, love to play and dress up, your old Halloween costumes are the perfect addition to their toy boxes! From princesses and kings to ninjas, fairies, superheroes, and more, assuming the identity of a make-believe character is more fun with a great costume!

Disassemble for Fabric Reserves

Do you like to sew? Are you crafty? Well, Halloween costumes are generally made with all sorts of great fabrics that you can keep for future sewing projects. Tulle, chiffon, silk, nylon, denim, and more are all highly-compatible materials for sewing and clothes making.

Donate to Goodwill

If you know you will never wear your Halloween costume again, but you know it’s a really great one, you can give the costume a future life by donating it to your local Goodwill or similar donation center. Someone else can buy your Halloween costume and put it to good use once again! Just be sure that your costume is still in good condition before donating it.

Are you looking for last-minute Halloween costume alterations in Indy? Contact Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for same-day alterations for women, men, and kids in Indianapolis, Indiana. We can fix your costume before the festivities begin this weekend!

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Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

Fabric Care Tips for Polyester Clothing

Polyester is a popular synthetic material used to make clothing and apparel, as well as curtains, upholstered items, and a variety of home décor commodities. When it comes to taking care of polyester, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Polyester is a strong and durable fabric, but also impressionable. For this reason, it requires a different set of rules compared to cottons and similar conventional materials, namely when it comes to storing, laundering, and pressing.

Continue below to review the top fabric care tips for polyester clothing and textiles, and where you can find top-rated clothing repair service in Indianapolis.

Clothing Repair Tailor Indianapolis Indiana 317-845-9077
Clothing Repair Tailor Indianapolis Indiana 317-845-9077

Polyester Fabric Care 101

With a little extra knowledge and effort, you can keep your polyester clothes, garments, and household items looking as new as the day you brought them home. Whether your favorite Fall jacket, the dining room curtains, a cozy blanket, or some old cushion covers, you can keep polyester fabric looking fresh and luxurious with some helpful tips.

Always Read the Manufacturer Instructions

The majority of your polyester fabrics will come with a manufacturer tag that contains laundry instructions specifically for that garment. Be sure to always check these laundry and cleaning instructions before attempting to remove the stain or machine wash your polyester. You see, not all polyester garments are 100% polyester. Many are composed with the textiles such as linen, nylon, and silk. For this reason, one polyester item may require a different set of laundering instructions than another. If the tag says, “dry clean only”, do not machine wash it under any circumstances. Only have it cleaned through a professional dry cleaning service.

Take Extra Time to Pretreat Stains on Polyester

For polyester fabrics and garments that do not require dry cleaning service, take the extra time to pretreat stains and spots prior to laundering. Whether you are washing by hand or using a washing machine, pretreating polyester stains can help maintain the structural integrity of the fabrics while also eliminating the blemish. Pre-treating stains is especially important with polyester fabrics because polyester is not necessarily a leader in the stain resistance department.

Simply use top-quality stain remover product, which you can purchase at any local department or grocery store, and allow the product to sit for at least 15 minutes before washing. If you are pretreating white polyester fabric, consider a pre-soak. But do not use chlorine bleach. Instead, combine warm water with oxygenated bleach. Pre-soak your white polyester fabrics for at least two hours before laundering.

Machine Wash Polyester on the Right Temperature and Cycle Setting

Like with any other load of laundry, it is important to wash polyester on the correct temperature setting and washing machine cycle. The temperature and cycle setting you choose will depend on the type of polyester fabric garment you are washing. Finer or fragile polyester items will need to be cleaned on the delicate cycle using cold or warm water, although cold is recommended. Hot water can break down the fibers of polyester and cause premature fading and fabric damage. Stronger polyester fabrics can be washed in the machine on normal setting with warm or cold water.

Dry Polyester Items Properly After Laundering

The universal recommendation for drying polyester clothing and household items after washing them is to tumble dry them on low in the machine. However, it is wise to consider handwriting polyester so that the shape of the item can remain intact and you don’t have to iron as much.

Use the Appropriate Iron Settings When Pressing Polyester

Just like washing and drying polyester, it is important to use the proper settings when ironing or pressing your garments. Delicate polyester items can be damaged quickly by an iron that is too hot, or even by steam that is too strong. An iron that is not set high enough may not have any pressing effect on a thick or durable polyester item, such as curtains or a blanket. Always refer back to the manufacturer’s instructions on the tag to read instructions for ironing.

Do you have polyester clothing that requires professional repairs? Contact Yong’s Alterations at 317-845-9077 for professional tailoring and clothing repairs in Indianapolis, Castelton. We provide alterations for clothing, costumes, home decor items, and more. Request a free estimate, today.

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Indianapolis Alterations
Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

Cheap Clothing Repair Tools to Have on Hand for Halloween Costume Blunders

For those who really love Halloween, planning the costume is a big deal. So, when you are out and about, enjoying the Halloween festivities, you do not want to be faced with a costume blunder. A broken strap or zipper rip can quickly spoil your Halloween spirit. So, whether you are dressing yourself or your brood, be sure to plan ahead by having a few useful clothing repair tools on hand for all those unexpected, emergency Halloween costume fixes.

Continue reading to learn which tools are most handy, and how they can solve your Halloween costume mishaps.

Halloween Costume Repair and Clothing Alterations
Halloween Costume Repair and Clothing Alterations 317-845-9077

Halloween Costume Repair Hacks on the Go

Although those unexpected Halloween costume mishaps always happen at the worst time, the proper tools to save your night can all fit into your bag, making on-the-go emergency costume repair a real option. Best of all, you can buy every tool and spend less than $20. Plus, you now have reserves for other types of costumes, like dance recitals, themed parties, theater activities, and more.

Here are the top 5 recommended clothing repair tools you can use to fix unanticipated Halloween costume blunders:

Laundry Detergent Pen

A laundry detergent pen is something that should be a staple in anyone’s personal belongings. High-quality pens, like Tide brand, can be used on a wide variety of fabrics, making it safe for all clothing. Spill some punch on her Princess dress? Your pen will save the day! It is recommended to use a laundry detergent pen in combination with a wet wipe, for deeper or darker stains. Be sure to always test a spot first to ensure it will not react adversely with the fabric.

Safety Pins

Safety pins are a great tool for emergency clothing blunders. If your costume’s dress strap or zipper breaks, or it gets ripped, a safety pin can quickly provide some security, at least as a short-term solution. You can also use safety pins to reattach decorative patches or appliques, hold up cuffs and sleeves that are too long, tighten a waistline, secure a scarf or veil, and much more. Best of all, safety pins are very cheap, and come in packs of many.

Snag Repair Tool

You might not know what a snag repair tool is, but rest assured, it is a great clothing repair tool to have on hand, especially with Halloween costumes. A snag repair tool can be purchased for around a dollar or two at any local department store, or even online. They are small, like the size of a pair of tweezers, making them easily portable and storable. When your costume’s skirt, pants, or stocking catch a snag, simply turn to this tool to help ease the damage.

Fabric Glue

Fabric glue sort of speaks for itself. Like conventional glues, fabric glue is designed to adhere, but specially designed to be an adhesive for textiles and fabrics. Fabric glue is cheap, comes in a small, squeezable tube, and can be stored for years. When it comes to Halloween costumes, this glue really comes in handy. Use it to glue on decorative patches and appliques, reattached straps and buttons, seal up ripped pockets, and more.

Fabric Mending Tape

Fabric mending tape is a versatile clothing repair tool that can really come in handy in times of emergencies. Like fabric glue, it can be used to reapply appliques and decorative pieces back onto a costume, but it can do so much more too. Fabric tape can also be used to cover holes and rips, and repair tears. To use, you simply iron on the patch, and then apply the decorative piece, or fabric, on top. Not only is Fabric mending tape easy to use, it is inexpensive and available at any local department store.

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