Advice for Sewing Lining into Clothing

For those who do their own clothing repairs and modifications, sewing in a lining typically seems like a lot of effort for very little reward. But the truth is, linings are important to have in many types of garments. From blazers and jackets, to leggings, coats, pants, skirts, and more, linings usually serve a function or purpose. For this reason, it helps to lessen your anxiety about adding lining to your clothing by learning some quick tips and tricks.

Continue reading to learn some advice for sewing lining into any piece of clothing you own.

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Best Fabrics for Lining

There are many types of clothing and garments that are great candidates for lining. In fact, some items actually require lining. Otherwise, you might flash the whole town! For instance, a sheer shirt or skirt will certainly need a less-sheer lining to create a non-see-through look. Or, an itchy wool sweater might be more comfortable if it had a silk or soft cotton lining.

Do you have an extra-clingy dress that shows too much detail and curvature? A lining will help it to drape more naturally, and ambiguously. In other cases, a lining hides ugly seams that you do not want visible, like inside blazers and coats. Regardless of your lining needs, there are some simple ways to, well, simplify the process!

Lining vs. Underlining

There is a sewing practice known as underlining, which delivers the same results as lining, but using a different process. To underline a garment, a pattern is cut from a main piece or a separate lining fabric, and then the two pieces are basted together. Lining simply mirrors the piece of clothing, but on the inside. Furthermore, lining is only connected at certain points, while underlining is entirely attached to the garment.

Measuring Your Lining

Since lining is inside a garment, it will need to be just a little smaller, but the same shape. The general rule of thumb is to add a half an inch to your seam allowance when sewing. If you do not want the lining to show at the hems, be sure to adjust the lining at the hem at a half an inch to an inch shorter than the clothing piece.

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