4 Wedding Dress Issues You Can Easily Avoid

You’ve read all the guide books, visited all the seminars, interviewed all your married friends, and covered dozens of magazine articles swearing they have all the answers to planning your perfect wedding. So you feel like you’ve learned everything you need to know to make your day go by smoothly. However, all the literature in the world cannot prepare you for those small, easily overlooked wedding dress blunders that tend to happen to even the most A-type bride. Fortunately, these easily-overlooked wedding dress issues are just as easily avoidable with the right facts!

Walking Around

Many brides do a great job at remembering to bring in their shoes along with their dress to their alteration appointment for an accurate cut and fit. Trying on your wedding dress with the shoes you intend to wear on your big day is very important in order to get the proper length and flow you want. But one mistakes brides make is not walking around in their dress and shoes at the alterations appointment. Often times, standing in your shoes and dress is easy, but walking around can prove to be a difficult task. Practice walking in your dress and shoes before the actual wedding day, and make the proper adjustments to be as comfortable as possible.

More About Shoes

On the topic of wedding shoe issues, walking isn’t the only task to consider. If you are not wearing the most comfortable pair of high heels for your wedding ceremony, be sure to bring a change of shoes for your reception. You don’t want to walk around with blisters and miss out on all the dancing! Instead, bring an extra pair of shoes that are practical but stylish. Be sure to walk in them first as well to see if they are a good fit for your dress.


Many brides hope and pray for good weather on their day, but there is no controlling Mother Nature! So when you are planning your wedding day attire, be sure to consider the weather. Look at seasonal trends and decide if your wedding date is going to be a wet or rainy day. Wet ground can be extremely soft and muddy for days after a rain storm, and heels will sink right through. If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception, this will be a huge burden. You might need to prepare to wear flats if the ground is going to be wet and soft.


Just like shoes, it is highly recommended to try on your dress with the jewelry you intend to wear on your special day. What may seem like a good choice can actually turn out to be a pestering issue all night. For example, you could wear a bracelet that ends up catching on your lace dress all night long. Not only is this obnoxious, it leaves behind frays and imperfections.

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