4 Ways to Prevent a Sewing Machine From Swallowing Fine Fabric

As someone who uses the sewing machine often, you know there is nothing more frustrating than that moment your fabric gets sucked under the needle plate. No matter how easily your sewing project is coasting along as you run your fabric through your machine, this sewing blunder can happen to anyone at any moment in time. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent your sewing machine from destroying your fine fabrics. After all these materials are not cheap; right? So, we must protect them at all costs. Plus, we want our finished pieces to come out perfect!

Rather than researching every single possible way you can prevent sewing machine fabric swallowing, simply continue below to learn the top four methods that are sure to work for you.

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Switch to a Finer Needle

When sewing with fine fabrics, one of the best ways to prevent sewing machine swallowing problems is to simply switch to a finer needle. You can find the vast array of needle types and sizes at any local fabric or craft store, as well as online, through various vendors and retailers. Opt for needled labelled 60 or 70 on the pack.

Cover the Needle Plate Hole

Although this might sound like it could impede your sewing project process, using a but a sticky tape to cover the needle plate hole is a great way to quickly stop a sewing machine from swallowing up your fine fabrics. Try to use a very small piece of tape, as small as you can make it while still covering the hole. Then, before you begin stitching, pierce a single hole in the tape with your sewing machine.

Never Start on a Raw Edge

Beginning your sewing work on the raw edge of a piece of fabric is a common novice sewing mistake. What sewing enthusiasts eventually learn is, doing so will cause your sewing machine to suck up your fabric underneath the needle plate. So, in order to prevent this from happening one surefire precaution is to never start sewing on a raw edge. For pleats and darts, start from the inside and work your way towards the edges. For seams, start a little inward from the edge.

Consider Chain Stitching

Another common method to prevent a sewing machine from swallowing up fabrics, especially fine fabrics, is to use the chain stitching approach. Chain stitching is the process of sewing together multiple pieces without stopping in between to lower or raise the presser foot. This technique is often used to speed up the sewing process. For those in a hurry, chain stitching is your go to sewing machine method.

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