4 Simple Steps to Setting Your Seam Guide to Sew Curves

If you are having trouble getting accurate seam allowances, it may help to review some tips for setting your sewing machine seam guide. Continue reading to learn the 4 basic steps to setting seam guides for sewing curves.

Indianapolis Clothing Alterations 317-845-9077

Indianapolis Clothing Alterations 317-845-9077

Start With the Right Materials

To set a seam gauge accurately, you will need some specific materials. If you already have these items, be sure they are still in good condition. If they are old, you may get better results by replacing them with new ones. Here is what you will need:


You will need to cut out the patterns according to the requirements in the pattern directions. The only way to ensure your pattern pieces will fit together accurately is to get your seam allowances are set correctly. You must practicing watching the seam guide while not the moving sewing machine needle to achieve consistent seam allowances.

Use the Tape Measurer on the Sewing Machine

Refer to the mark on your tape measurer, and then place the machine needle directly on top of it. Next, place the presser foot down on the tape measurer so that it does not move while you work. Also, line up the markings on the presser foot with the markings on the tape measurer to ensure it is straight.

Set Your Seam Gauge

Now place your seam guide at the edge of your tape measurer. Double check that it is perpendicular to the tape measurer. It is also important to make your seam guide the proper length; do not make it too long, and be sure that the fabric will move underneath the needle.

Set Your Seam Guide

When sewing curves, be sure your turning point is directly horizontal with the needle. To set up your turning point, place the sewing gauge right behind needle so that the end of the gauge is even with the edge of the seam guide. Then draw a line along the edge of the seam gauge. The mark that meets the edge of the seam guide is where you will line up your fabric to make your sewing curve.

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