3 Ways to Prevent Sewing Machine Problems

Your sewing machine is one of your most prized possessions. On the other hand, you might get the urge to kick it to the curb when you frequently find yourself in the middle of a project dealing with bunched threading, bent needles, or skipped stitches. Fortunately, you can save yourself from a load of frustration by simply taking the necessary precautions to ensure your sewing machine’s performance remains reliable at all times.

Continue reading to learn the top 3 methods for preventing sewing machine problems, such as breaking thread, bent needles, defective bobbins, and more.

Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

Indianapolis Alterations 317-845-9077

Avoid Wasted Repairs and Replacements

When your sewing machine is constantly experiencing mechanical problems, you can end up wasting hundreds of dollars on repairs and replacements. Furthermore, if you do not fully understand why your sewing machine is having such problems, buying a brand new one will not solve them. Instead, you must take good care of your sewing machine to avoid common breakdowns and performance issues.

It is recommended to refer to your sewing machine’s owners’ manual for basic troubleshooting problems. You may also refer to our blogs, “Thread-Bunching Repairs for Sewing Machines” and “Tips for Balancing Tensions on Sewing Machines” for additional help with your sewing machine skills.

How to Take Care of Your Sewing Machine

Although there are various ways you can help prevent mechanical malfunctions and performance issues in your sewing machine, the most impactful initiatives you can take include proper tension adjustments, routine maintenance, and security.

Tension Adjustments

Follow the general rule of thumb, “right-tighty, lefty-loosey” to remember how to adjust your tension knob on your sewing machine. This means that turning the disk-style adjuster clockwise will tighten the springs and screws connected to it, while turning it to the left will loosen them. Maintaining proper tension adjustments is a key factor in optimal sewing machine performance and longevity.

Routine Maintenance

Like anything that runs on power or a motor, your sewing machine requires regular maintenance to safeguard its performance value and increase its lifespan. This includes routine inspections of all parts to ensure they are functional, as well as, cleaning it and making any minor repairs or replacements as needed. Be sure to refer to the owners’ manual for basic maintenance instructions for your sewing machine.

Security and Safety

It is vital that you keep your sewing machine protected, not only for its safety, but also for the safety of little ones and pets. Although you may tell the kids that your sewing machine is not a toy and off-limits to touching, curious minds will sometimes prevail. All the little knobs and buttons can be quite tempting for young ones, and a sneaky touch here and there may occur. This can off-set your sewing machine, or worse, cause injuries to children or pets. Be sure it is kept in a safe place where it cannot fall or be tampered with.

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