3 Ways to Control Fraying Fabric

Are you having trouble controlling the fraying in your fabrics as you work with them? Does it seem like the more you stitch, the more the fabric just falls apart? If so, you are not alone. There are many types of fabrics and materials that prove difficult when it comes to sewing. Fortunately, there are some convenient methods to dealing with persistent fabric frays.

Continue reading to learn the top three!

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❶ Improve Your Seam Finishes

Seam finishes are the key to controlling fray. Best of all, you can apply a seam finish before you sew, which ensures improved control and less fraying. To do so, simply use the same measurements on the full length of the seam finish.

❷ Try Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are a common tool used to control fabric fraying, but they are not your typical sewing shears. Instead, their blades are designed with jagged edges that create a saw tooth edge in fabric. This type of cutting action helps abate fraying by reducing a blunt edge.

❸ Invest in Sergers

Sergers can be a perfect and convenient solution for fraying fabric edges because they do two jobs in one. Not only do they cut the fabric edge, they enclose it at the same time too! Although they are a bit costly, they are worth the investment. For this reason, be sure to educate yourself fully before purchasing one for your sewing kit.

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