3 Tips for Selecting the Right Shapewear

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Indianapolis Clothing Alterations 317-845-9077

Shapewear has really changed the fashion industry, and has opened up so many new wardrobe doors for men and women alike. You can get a perfectly smooth look by simply wearing the right undergarment! The only problem with shapewear is that its popularity has rendered the industry with seemingly endless varieties to choose from. This can make the shapewear selection process overwhelming for many people, and lead them to believe the product is not worth it at all. But with a few tips, you can narrow down all the selections of shapewear and find the perfect garment for your shaping needs with no trouble at all.

Continue reading to learn 3 important tips for choosing the right shapewear for your body.

❶ Stay in Your Size Range

When you are shopping for shapewear, it is tempting to choose one size smaller for a firmer, tighter fit. Unfortunately, this does just the opposite of what shapewear is meant to do for your body. It can create more lines, more bulges, and even make you look bigger. Instead, be sure to always stick to your true size for that perfect, seamless look. This is important for comfort as well.

❷ Decide Which Look You are Going For

If you are looking for a full body transformation, you will need to shop for strong constriction shapewear. This full body suit style will provide firm support for your entire body. If you are simply looking to even out lines, choose a medium constriction shapewear. This will give you just enough support for your everyday wardrobe-wearing needs.

❸ Choose the Right Material

Shapewear is another garment to be worn along with your clothing, and in the warmer seasons, this can be uncomfortable. To regulate body heat and ensure comfort, go with a cotton or cotton-blend material to keep you cool. Stay away from nylons, spandex, and synthetic blends in the spring and summer. These materials, however, are suitable for colder seasons when bundling is acceptable.

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